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ZoogTV Review – Access American TV Shows From Abroad

Monday, August 25th, 2014

ZoogTV is a privacy service targeted towards expats, tourists and frequent travelers who wish to watch their favorite TV shows from an overseas location. The service made its debut in 2013 and it offers an easy way to unblock IP and country restricted content from anywhere. In this ZoogTV Review, we will explore the features offered by the service and decide if it is worth using.

Server Locations and Site Access

As of this writing, ZoogTV has deployed its servers in 7 countries – United States of America, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Singapore, and Australia. The service makes it incredibly easy for expats and tourists to unblock online channels and streaming services like Netflix, Crackle, FOX, Comedy Central, CBS, Pandora, AMC TV, Discovery, USA Network, The WB, TNT, Starz, Amazon Prime, A&E TV, Blockbuster, Mylife, Xfinity, Showtime, HBO Go, National Geographic, CWTV, Vudu, TV Land, Vevo, MTV, MLB, Cinema Now, Songza, Hulu, Red Box, MOG, History, NHL, Bravo, FX, NBC, TBS, Syfy, TV.com and PBS from any part of the world. In addition, the service allows you to circumvent censorship at foreign locations (such as China, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Brazil) as well as bypass firewalls at schools and workplaces and access popular sites like Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Viber and Twitter from anywhere.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

ZoogTV offers unlimited speed and bandwidth plans to its subscribers. The service provides fast connectivity not only for streaming HD videos and TV shows but also activities like VOIP, multiplayer online gaming and downloading.

Privacy Settings

Although ZoogTV is primarily targeted towards those who want to stream content online, it is also a very effective privacy solution. The service provides up to 256 bit encryption that can help you to secure your vital data (passwords, social accounts, financial details) at hacking prone areas like Wi-Fi hotspots. The service also creates a shield around all types of online activities (including but not limited to browsing, ICQ, email, VOIP) and guarantees protection from government and institution based snooping.

ZoogTV does not log browsing activities of subscribers but it does records bandwidth, timestamp and connection duration details. The information collected in this way is used only for maintaining the quality of the service and is never handed over to advertisers and third parties.

Supported Operating Systems

ZoogTV is compatible with Windows, iPads, iPhones, Mac and Android. Although the company supplies its own client, it is also possible to configure the service manually. The service can be used from 2 different devices (one PC and one mobile) at the same time so you don’t have to buy separate plans for securing multiple devices.

Customer Support

ZoogTV provides customer support through a ticketing system. The company has also published a wealth of information in its knowledgebase section so it is also possible to troubleshoot common errors without the need to contact the support staff.

Pricing Options

ZoogTV’s unlimited plans are available from $4.49 per month, $12.99 for 3 months, $23.99 for 6 months and $35.99 for 12 months. All new subscriptions come with a 3 day free trial and are covered with a 14 day refund policy (provided bandwidth consumed is less than 5 GB). They also now have free plan VPN options available in New York, London, and Amsterdam. So if you want to try for free, you can now do that.

Final Verdict

Overall, ZoogTV delivers on its promises. While the service does not provide a real choice of VPN gateways, it does offer an affordable and secure way to access US based streaming services from anywhere. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows from abroad, don’t forget to check out the free trial offered by ZoogTV. For more information, please visit: www.zoogtv.com.

August 25, 2014

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