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Where to Watch March Madness 2014 Live Broadcasts Online

Monday, March 17th, 2014

March Madness 2014 is here and it promises to be bigger than ever before. Last year’s championship set a new record for online viewership with over 3.4 million people watching the event live on their computers, smartphones or tablets. Together, the fans consumed more than 14 million hours of video through 49 million live video streams. As the excitement for this year’s event reaches a fever pitch, we offer March Madness preview and reveal some ways to watch the championship online.

March Madness 2014 Schedule

In 2014, the Big Dance would be held from 16th March to 7th April. Here are the key dates associated with the championship:

16th March 2014 – Selection Sunday
18-19th March 2014 – First Round
20-23rd March 2014 – Second-Third Rounds
27-29th March 2014 – South Regional
27-29th March 2014 – West Regional
28-30th March 2014 – East Regional
28-30th March 2014 – Midwest Regional
5th April 2014 – National Semifinals
7the April 2014 – Championship game

March Madness 2014 Preview

Wichita State shocked one and all by grabbing the top seed from Midwest region without losing any game. If the team can sustain its momentum and win the championship, it would be the first team since Indiana (which achieved the feat in 1976) to win the tournament without losing even a single game. However, the road ahead is definitely not easy for the team since they need to beat preseason favorites Kentucky just to make it to the Sweet 16 round. And let’s not forget the other top seeds from the group; Michigan, Duke and Louisville who look all set to give some tough competition to their opponents. Last year’s champion Louisville could just manage fourth seed despite performing well in the American Athletic Conference.

Virginia surprised everyone by grabbing the top seed position in the East after winning ACC regular and tournament titles. Michigan State did well in the Big Ten tournament but they could manage just the 4th seed in the group. These two teams are joined by Villanova and Iowa State at the top but it is anybody’s guess about who is going to make it to the next round.

As expected, Florida Gators breezed through the SEC schedule to become the #1 team from the South (and the overall top seed). Florida upended Kentucky by a slim 61-60 margin but they must defeat Kansas to get into Final Four. Kansas almost grabbed the top seeding in the group but their performance has been hampered by the absence of Joel Embiid who suffered a stress fracture in the back. Syracuse and UCLA are the other top seeds to watch out for in the group.

In the West, Arizona was ranked #1 despite performing poorly in the Pac-12 final. Wisconsin, Creighton and San Diego State are other top teams from the group but the competition here is definitely not as fierce as in the Midwest or South regions.

Overall, it looks like a wide open tournament and none of the teams should expect to win without any hiccups. Most of the big teams from the last year’s event happen to be in the Midwest group so it would be interesting to see which team from the group makes it into the next round.

[PREDICTION: Louisville will repeat, and beat Villanova in the Finals by a score of 82-79]

Where to Watch March Madness 2014 Online

The action of March Madness is available on CBS, TNT, TBS and TruTV channels but you can also watch the event online through the official NCAA website (www.ncaa.com/marchmadness) and CBS Sports websites (www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball) websites. If you wish to enjoy the games on your Smartphone or tablet, there are official NCAA apps available for iPads, iPhones, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows Mobile devices. In an exciting development, this year there are going to be three different broadcast feeds for the semi-final games; one standard feed on TBS and two simulcast live team-specific feeds on TNT and truTV. The team specific feeds will show the game from either team’s perspective and would also be available online through NCAA website and apps.

Official NCAA Websitewww.ncaa.com/marchmadness [Live Broadcast]
CBS Sportswww.cbssports.com/collegebasketball [Live Broadcast]
ESPN March Madness: http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/tournament [March Madness Info]

How to Watch March Madness Outside of the USA

Since the NCAA broadcast is available only to US audiences; US expats, frequent fliers, tourists and students studying abroad won’t be able to watch the championship online from a different country. The content providers broadcasting the event online (CBS and NCAA) check the IP address of the visitors to determine their location and allow them to access live videos, full game replays, highlights and game alerts only if their IP address is from United States.

To watch March Madness from a different country, you can either check the NCAA feeds offered by third party websites or use an IP changing solution to get a US IP address. The quality of videos available through the feeds is often not up to the mark since they are being accessed by thousands of people simultaneously. Consequently, it is much better to use IP changing solutions like Virtual Privet Networks (VPN) to watch the event online. So if you do not want to miss the excitement of March Madness 2014 even from an overseas location, subscribe to a US IP VPN plan from a reliable provider today.

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If you happen to be outside of the USA and still want to watch online, please consider using one of the following VPN services.

March 17, 2014

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