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Website VPN Review

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Website VPN is yet another 100% free VPN service. The company advertises its privacy solution as the “Only VPN needed for Daily Web Surfing” so we decided to review the service and check out its features. Check out our Website VPN Review below:

Server Locations & Site Access – Unlike other free VPN providers which have servers at just one location, Website VPN has gateways at both US (Salt Lake City) and UK (London). The service can help expats, tourists and business travelers who face location based restrictions and censorship abroad in unlocking their favorite streaming, social networking, video and VOIP services. By connecting to Website VPN’s servers, it becomes easy to unlock sites like Facebook, BBC iPlayer, FOX, Pandora, Netflix, Gmail, Amazon Prime, MLB, Eurosport, HBO Go, Sky Go, Vudu, Xfinity, USA Network, STV, CWTV, iTV Player, Hulu, YouTube, MTV, Vevo, Lovefilm, Viber, UK TV, TNT, NHL, Demand 5, Twitter, NBC, 4OD, CBS, ABC and Skype from any part of the world. The provider doesn’t restrict you from connecting to any server so you can unlock both US and UK based services.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – Most free VPN solutions do not offer fast and reliable connections but Website VPN delivers up to 10 MBPS speeds and 99.9% uptime. The speed on offer is sufficient for HD streaming, fast downloading, VOIP and gaming sessions. Unfortunately, the provider doesn’t permit any P2P activity since it consumes a lot of resources.

Privacy Settings – Website VPN creates 128 bit encrypted tunnels and uses the PPTP protocol to deliver the service. While there are much better privacy options available on the web, they do not come cheap. The service allows you to bypass your ISP’s content filtering and censorship; browse the web without revealing your real IP address and keep your data safe from hackers at Wi-Fi hotspots.

Like other free VPN service providers, Website VPN does not guarantee zero logging. If a user tries to use the service for illegal activities then the provider may share his personal details with the law enforcement agencies.

Supported Operating Systems – Website VPN works extremely well on Windows (XP, 7), Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch; Android (2.3 and 4+), Mac and Linux. The service is pretty easy to configure and you could be up and running within couple of minutes. Since the PPTP protocol is already a part of most modern operating systems, you don’t have to install any new software to use the service.

Customer Support – Website VPN does not have a dedicated support team. However, the provider has published detailed setup instructions as well as few troubleshooting options in FAQ section so you should be able to use the service without facing any issues.

Pricing Options – The Website VPN service is offered free of cost so there is no subscription option available on the provider’s website. Users are free to use the service from any device, connect to US/UK servers and download as much content as they want without having to pay anything.

Final Verdict – Website VPN might be free but it offers a fast and reliable VPN service. Most premium VPN solutions cost a lot of money so if you are looking for a free/cheap basic privacy service for browsing and unlocking content then Website VPN would be a great option for you. For more information, please visit: www.websitevpn.com.

January 12, 2015

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