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Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Z Nation is a post-apocalyptic TV series which airs on Syfy channel. The show made its debut in September’ 2014 and its second season premiered in September’ 2015. Although Z Nation received much lower ratings than competing shows like The Walking Dead, many critics have praised the series for its scary settings and entertainment value. Regardless of the reviews, this article will show you step-by-step how to watch the show online.

What To Expect From Season 2 Of Z Nation?

As you might be aware, Z Nation is set three years after a virus killed most humans or turned them into zombies. The first season of the series focused on a group of survivors seeking to transport Murphy (who did not turn into a zombie even after getting bitten by one) from New York to a Californian lab so that his blood could be used to develop a zombie resistant vaccine. However, the second season is decidedly different since Murphy is portrayed not as a savior of mankind but as a villain commanding an army of zombies. Would Murphy help the humans to develop the vaccine or would he unleash his zombie army to end the human race? Watch the second season of Z Nation to find out!

How To Watch Z Nation Season 2?

As well as being available on TV, the series episodes are also available on Syfy Now app and through the following URL.

If you are planning to stream the series from an international (non-US) location, you would be disappointed to learn that Syfy has decided to limit the show’s availability only to American viewers. This is primarily due to the fact that Syfy has signed content sharing agreements with many channels and content providers (Freeview channel for UK, Dynamic Television for several other countries) in order to distribute the series outside America. Due to signing of these agreements, Syfy is legally not allowed to broadcast the series outside United States through any medium. When an expat or tourist tries to stream Z Nation episodes from an international location (with a non-US IP address), he/she would merely see the following message:


How To Unblock Z Nation From Anywhere?

Since Syfy determines the location of viewers through their IP addresses, you need to switch to a US IP address to bypass Syfy’s GEO-IP filters. While both VPNs and proxies allow you to change your IP address, proxies cannot deliver speeds or privacy needed to unblock geographically restricted On-Demand services. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a SmartDNS service in order to unlock Syfy’s shows. Here is a brief guide on how to access the series episodes from any place:

Step 1) Visit the sites of some trustworthy VPN or SmartDNS providers and subscribe to a service which suits your needs. Here are some reputed companies which can unlock Syfy shows by providing you with US IPs or by changing the DNS settings of your computer or mobile device:

Step 2) Set up the service on your laptop, Smartphone or tablet by following the configuration instructions supplied by your provider. Some of the companies listed above even provide their own VPN client so you just need to install the software on your preferred device.

Step 3) Save all the changes once the configuration/installation is done. Additionally, you may have to reboot the machine and/or restart the Syfy Now app.

Step 4) Once the setup process is complete, you can go ahead and test the VPN connection. Click/Tap on the VPN icon or navigate to the Network Connections area to start the newly configured service.

Step 5) Upon successful connection, you will get a new IP address. Before you proceed to unlock Syfy shows, I recommend that you double check the location of your new IP address. Since VPN companies can deploy their default servers anywhere, it is important to verify that your IP has indeed changed to a US IP address. If your new IP is still not from United States, switch to the nearest US VPN server.

Step 6) Open the Syfy Now app or your preferred browser and navigate to the homepage of Z Nation. Since you have switched to a US IP address (or changed your DNS settings through a SmartDNS service), you should be able to watch the latest episodes of the series without encountering any location/IP related roadblocks.

December 31, 2015

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