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Watch You’re the Worst From Anywhere

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

You’re the Worst is a romantic comedy TV series which premiered on FX Network in July’ 2014. The series focuses on toxic relationship between two self-centered individuals as they fall in love and contemplate a serious relationship. The show garnered a good response from the critics and was renewed for a second season in September’ 2014. For its second season, the series was moved to FX Networks sister channel FXX.

What To Expect From You’re the Worst Season 2?

Jimmy and Gretchen are two self-absorbed individuals who have no interest in settling down and leading normal, boring lives. Season one of the series focused on how these two meet, fall in love and attempt to forge a relationship. In season two, Jimmy and Gretchen experiment with drugs, quirky sex and other self-destructive behavior as they resist normal lives and become increasingly frustrated with the circumstances around them.

How To Watch You’re the Worst Season 2 Online?

You’re the Worst Season 2 is available for streaming through their website.

The above link works only for US residents (more precisely for those who have a US IP address) since FX has restricted the show’s availability to mainland United States. If you try to visit the above link with a non-US IP address, you will see the following message:

“Thank-you-for-your-interest-in-FX-Networks. The-content-you-are-trying-to-access-is-not-available-in-your-region.”

While such geographical restrictions may seem unusual at first glance, content providers like FX often use them to enforce broadcasting agreements signed with content providers from other regions. These agreements legally forbid FX from broadcasting or streaming shows like You’re the Worst from outside a particular region (for instance, United States). Needless to say, such IP based restrictions are not in the best interests of the expat community who find themselves cut-off from their favorite entertainment options.

How To Stream The Series From Anywhere?

If you happen to be a fan of You’re the Worst and wish to stream season two of the series from outside US then you need to get a US IP first so that FX can’t block you due to your current location. This can be done via a VPN or a proxy service although I would not recommend using proxies since they may leak your true IP address to FX. Alternatively, you may also use a SmartDNS service to unlock FX shows from any location. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a VPN or SmartDNS service to unblock You’re the Worst Season 2:

Step 1) Buy a monthly subscription of a VPN service capable of delivering US IPs or a SmartDNS service which supports FX streaming. Here are some good services that fit the bill perfectly:

Step 2) Once your subscription is confirmed, your vendor would send details on how to set up the service on different devices. Depending on your provider, protocol used, device and the OS, the process may either involve installing a software or enabling VPN (or SmartDNS) through the Network Settings area.

Step 3) Once the above step is complete, save all the changes so that new network configuration becomes active. It is also a good idea to stop and restart FX app to flush out old network settings.

Step 4) Start the VPN by navigating to the Network Setting area or simply by clicking on its icon present on the Desktop.

Step 5) When the connection is successful, you are ready to unlock geographically restricted streaming services. However, it is also essential to verify the location of your new IP address to ensure that FX doesn’t get a chance to block you again. If your VPN provider has servers at multiple location and its default server is not within US then you must switch to a US VPN server manually.

Step 6) Open the FX app or visit FX Network’s website and check whether you are able to stream the latest episodes of You’re the Worst series. If you have followed the above steps correctly then you are ready to enjoy the show from any location.

December 17, 2015

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