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Watch The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Online

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is a brand new late night talk show on the CBS channel. The show made its debut on 8th September’ 2015 and is hosted by comedian, writer and actor Stephen Colbert. The series is actually a continuation of the Late Night show which was helmed by David Letterman.

What To Expect From The Late Show With Stephen Colbert?

Writer and executive producer Stephen Colbert takes over from David Letterman in The-Late-Show-With-Stephen-Colbert. The show doesn’t deviate much from the earlier comedy, variety and talk show format but Colbert does try to spice up things in his own unique style. He also brings over his decade long experience and the staff from The Colbert Report so it should be a smooth ride for him as the host of the show. Expect rich satire and probing questions as Colbert interviews politicians, celebrities and famous personalities every night of the week.

How To Watch The-Late-Show-With-Stephen-Colbert Online?

CBS broadcasts The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on weeknights at 10:35c but you can also stream the latest episodes by their website.

Since CBS uses GEO-IP restrictions while delivering content online, the above link works only for American audiences. If you try to stream the show’s episodes from any other geographical area, you would instantly be redirected to a page which merely says:


There are multiple reasons why CBS has decided to limit the show’s availability only to people with US IP addresses. First, since the channel has signed content sharing agreements with international content providers, it is not allowed to broadcast its shows outside United States. Secondly, by preventing international viewers from accessing its shows, CBS can conserve bandwidth and serve American customers in a much better way. Of course, these restrictions also prevent American business travelers and expats from accessing their favorite TV shows from outside US.

How To Watch The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Online From Anywhere?

If you are a fan of late night talk shows and wish to unblock The-Late-Show-With-Stephen-Colbert from anywhere then you need to virtually reside in United States. This can be done by subscribing to a Virtual Private Network service which supplies US IPs to customers. Alternatively, it is also possible to unlock CWTV shows through a SmartDNS service. Here is the step-by-step process for unlocking the show:

Step 1) Subscribe to a high quality VPN or SmartDNS service. Here are some really good service providers which can help to unlock US based On-Demand streaming services:

Step 2) After subscription, the next step is to configure the service on a laptop, Smartphone or tablet. The process is very simple and usually involves tinkering with few network settings of the device or by installing a software. If you have opted for a SmartDNS service, you would need to modify DNS settings of your device manually.

Step 3) Save the configuration changes and restart the machine if necessary. In case you are planning to stream the show on a mobile device, make sure to close and restart the CWTV app for the new network settings to take effect.

Step 4) Click on the desktop icon of the newly configured VPN service in order to test it.

Step 5) After the connection is successful, you must verify that your IP address has indeed changed to a US IP. Connecting to a VPN service would change your IP address but there is no guarantee that it would be from US. If your VPN company has a presence in multiple countries then its default server could be located anywhere. In such cases, you need to choose a US server manually in order to get a US IP address.

Step 6) The last step is to test whether the episodes of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert are streaming correctly. This can be done by navigating to the show’s homepage and clicking on an episode name. Congratulations, you can now watch the show from any location in the world.

December 9, 2015

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