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Watch The Last Man on Earth Online

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

The Last Man on Earth is a post-apocalyptic comedy TV series currently airing on the Fox channel. The series made its debut in March’ 2015 to critical acclaim and was nominated for Primetime Emmy and Critics Choice awards in writing, acting and directing categories. Following the success of season one, Fox decided to renew the series for its second season and even fast-tracked its production. The second season of the series premiered on 27 September’ 2015. In this article, we’ll go over how you can watch the show online anywhere in the world.

The-Last-Man-on-Earth Storyline

Phil Miller (played by series creator Will Forte) believes that he is the only human left on the earth after a deadly virus outbreak. After a futile search for other survivors, he is contemplating suicide. However, before Phil could end his life, he meets a woman whom he decides to marry in order to re-populate the planet. Before long, they meet another group of survivors who make their lives complicated in many different ways.

How To Watch The Last Man on Earth?

The Last Man on Earth is telecast on Sunday nights at 9:30 PM on the Fox channel. The show’s episodes can also be viewed online through this link.

While the above web address appears like a normal URL, in reality it is a special link which can be accessed only from within United States. If international viewers try to watch The Last Man on Earth’s episodes by clicking on the above link, they are immediately redirected to an error page showing the following message:


If you are wondering why the above link behaves in such a way then you need to learn more about how content distribution works these days. These days, it is a common practice among content creators (such as Fox) to tie up with international channels for distributing their shows abroad. While transferring distribution rights to other providers, content creators also need to sign a content licensing agreement which forbids them from broadcasting their shows outside a particular country/region (United States in case of Fox). Since violation of these agreements could invite legal action, Fox checks the IP address of all its visitors and only allows those with US IPs to actually watch its shows online. Such restrictive measures also impact American expats and tourists who are cut-off from their favorite entertainment options just because they happen to be abroad.

Is It Possible To Unblock TThe Last Man on Earth From Abroad?

While beating Fox’s GEO-IP filters may seem like an uphill task, in reality it is very easy to bypass such restrictions. By changing your IP/DNS setting through a VPN or SmartDNS service, you can mask your real location and appear to be based within United States. Here are the simple steps which allow you to watch the episodes of The Last Man on Earth from anywhere:

Step 1) First, you need to signup with a VPN or SmartDNS service. While there are hundreds of service providers in the market, the following are ideal for unlocking Fox’s shows:

Step 2) After the signup process is complete, you must configure the service on a device of your choice. Most VPN providers offer readymade clients for Windows/Mac based computers but ask you to configure the service manually on mobile devices. In such cases, you just need to navigate to the Network Settings area of your device and input the IP/DNS values supplied by your service provider.

Step 3) The final configuration step involves saving all the changes. For mobile devices, it is also necessary to close and then restart the Fox app so that it uses the latest networking configuration to connect to the Fox website.

Step 4) After the setup is done, click/tap on the service icon in order to test it.

Step 5) Once your device is connected to the VPN server, your IP address will change automatically. But connecting to the service is not enough, you also need to verify that your newly assigned IP address is from United States. Since the default server of your service provider may not be located within mainland US, you need to check your IP address with an IP checking service and switch to a US server in case your new IP is from a non-US location.

Step 6) After verifying your IP address, you can visit the Fox website with your favorite browser (or through the Fox app). Since you are now virtually residing within United States, you can watch the latest episodes of The Last Man on Earth without facing any IP/location related issues.

January 19, 2016

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