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Sunday, December 20th, 2015

The Blacklist is a crime-drama and thriller TV series currently airing on the NBC channel. The series premiered in September’ 2013 to widespread acclaim with most critics praising the twists and turns of the story as well as the performance of James Spader as the lead. After two successful seasons, the series was renewed for its third season which premiered in October’ 2015.

The Blacklist Plot

James Spader stars as Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former US Navy officer who has turned into a high profile criminal. Raymond surrenders to the FBI voluntarily and promises to help the agency in tracking down the most wanted criminals of the world in exchange for immunity. He also says that he will reveal his knowledge about dangerous criminals and terrorists gathered over the last twenty years only if he is allowed to work with the rookie officer Elizabeth Keen (whom he calls “very special”). Although suspicious of Reddington’s offer, FBI Assistant Director gives the go ahead considering the stakes involved. As the story progresses, they mystery surrounding Reddington’s life, his relationship with Elizabeth and the reason why he wants to eliminate his “blacklist” of criminals is revealed.

How To Watch The Blacklist?

The Blacklist is telecast on Thursday nights at 9 PM. Additionally, you have the option of streaming the series via this link.

NBC has decided to restrict the online availability of the show only to the US audience. That’s because the channel has tied up with many other channels (Global TV in Canada, Sky Living in UK, TV3 in New Zealand) to make the show available to the global audience. Due to licensing agreements signed by these companies, each provider is eligible to telecast/stream the show only within a certain region/country. To prevent international viewers from accessing the series through the internet, NBC checks the IP address of viewers and only allows them to watch the episodes if they have a valid US IP address.

Since US expats and tourists located abroad cannot bypass the IP filtering carried out by NBC, they too are barred from accessing The Blacklist (as well as other shows) online. When an expat tries to watch the series episodes from abroad, he/she would see the following error message:


Is It Possible At All To Watch The Blacklist From Outside US?

Despite NBC’s strict restrictions, it is possible to watch The Blacklist from anywhere. In order to make this happen, you must get a US IP address (preferably through a VPN service) or start using NBC approved DNS settings (by subscribing to a SmartDNS service). Follow this really simple guide and you can unblock NBC’s shows within no time:

Step 1) First, you must subscribe to a good VPN or SmartDNS service. Here are some companies which deliver fast and reliable VPN/SmartDNS solutions:

Step 2) Check the setup options available for configuring the service on a computer or mobile device. Most big names in the VPN industry offer their own VPN clients for Windows/Mac but for mobile devices, it is often necessary to configure the service on a manual basis.

Step 3) Finish the setup/configuration process by saving all the changes. Additionally, remember to close and then restart the NBC app so that it connects to the NBC site with your device’s new network settings.

Step 4) Connect to the service by clicking on its icon. For manually configured services, you need to navigate to the Network Settings area of your device and initiate a connection from over there.

Step 5) Once your device is connected to the VPN server, it is time to verify the location of your new IP address. When you connect to the service, your VPN client would automatically connect to the default server of the company. Since it is possible that the server may be located outside United States, it is worthwhile to check the location of the IP assigned by your service provider and switch to a US server if you are already not connected to one.

Step 6) Open The Blacklist page on the NBC website via the browser/app. Since you have taken care of your IP/DNS settings, you should face no problem in accessing the series from abroad.

December 20, 2015

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