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Watch The Bastard Executioner Online

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

The fall TV season is here and it has brought many surprises in the form of new TV shows. Among the new TV series’, The Bastard Executioner is getting a lot of attention from the general public as well as media. The show is a historical fiction and drama TV series and was developed by Kurt Sutter for the FX Network. The series made its debut on 15th September’ 2015 and the first season would run until 20th October, 2015.

The Bastard Executioner Plot

The show’s story is set in 14th century Wales and focuses on Wilkin Brattle who happens to be a knight in King Edward’s army. Wilkin gives up the violence after receiving a message from a divine messenger. But when he is forced to return to the life of violence, he assumes the identity of an executioner. Now, Wilkin must face political and emotional ramifications of his decisions while fulfilling his destiny.

How To Watch The Bastard Executioner Online?

Apart from watching the show on the FX TV channel, you can also stream all the episodes of the series via the FX website.

Unfortunately, the series is not available for streaming outside United States due to geographical restrictions set up by FX. In case you try to stream the show with a non-US IP, you will come across the following message:

“Thank-you-for-your-interest-in-FX-Networks. The-content-you-are-trying-to-access-is-not-available-in-your-region.”

There are many reasons why channels like FX restrict a TV show’s availability only to one or more regions. Most TV channels sign content sharing agreements with other TV providers which means they cannot broadcast or even stream the shows outside US due to legal reasons. Additionally, content providers impose geographical restrictions to provide high quality streaming experience to their core audience (US audience in case of FX). Whatever the reason be, it cannot be denied that such GEO-IP restrictions prevent expats and business travelers from enjoying their favorite shows from overseas locations.

How To Stream The Bastard Executioner From Abroad?

If you are interested in watching The Bastard Executioner online but cannot do so due to your current (and presumably non-US) location, there is no reason to lose hope. The easiest way to unblock the show from any location is to subscribe to a VPN or SmartDNS service which would allow you to get a US IP with few clicks. Here are the steps involved in unlocking the series from an overseas location:

Step 1) Subscribe to a SmartDNS or VPN service which has servers within United States. In case you have never subscribed to such a service before, here are some good options:

Step 2) Check whether your provider offers its own VPN client. If this is not the case then you would need to set up the service manually. The setup usually involves creating a new network connection and assigning the values supplied by your VPN provider.

Step 3) Once the setup is complete, it is necessary to save the changes and even restart your machine (usually not needed for mobile devices). In addition, you must close and restart the FX app so that it can use the new network settings.

Step 4) Start the VPN service by navigating to the network connections area or by clicking on the VPN icon present on the Desktop.

Step 5) When the connection is successful, you will get a message in the notification area. Before you process to stream The Bastard Executioner’s episodes, you must double check that your new IP address is from United States. These days VPN service providers deploy servers in many countries so it is very much possible that the default server of your VPN company may be located outside US. If this happens to be the case, simply choose the nearest US server from the list of available VPN servers to get a US IP address.

Step 6) Browse to The Bastard Executioner’s homepage through your browser or via the FX app. In case you still see the Content Unavailable message, remember to clear the cache and cookies and restart your browser or the app.

December 16, 2015

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