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Watch Teen Wolf Online – How To Unlock It From Anywhere?

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Living overseas and can’t watch the latest Teen Wolf episodes online? Read this article to find out how you can unlock the show from MTV and watch anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The post-Twilight audience is ever hungry for more vampire and werewolf based entertainment and Teen Wolf meets the demand of supernatural fans perfectly. The series was developed by Jeff Davis for MTV and made its debut in June, 2011. The series has won several Teen Choice awards and received generally favorable reviews from critics. The third season of the series premiered in June, 2013 and it immediately surpassed its predecessors in Television ratings.

The Story Of Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is loosely based on 1985 film of the same name. However, unlike the feature film which was a pure comedy, the series has a darker tone and even features violent images to appeal to a slightly mature audience. The series tells the story of Scott McCall, whose life is turned upside down when he is bitten by a werewolf. Already a social outcast, the high school student tries to lead a normal life while keeping his new found identity secret from everyone. However, there are few people who know about his werewolf identity including “Stiles” Stilinski, his best friend, and a mysterious werewolf, Derek Hale. How Scott deals with his werewolf stardom and manages his newly discovered powers forms the crux of the story.

Teen Wolf Broadcast

Fans of Teen Wolf can catch the latest episodes of the series on Monday nights on MTV channel. Episodes from the past seasons and current series are also available for online viewing through the MTV website (mtv.com). MTV even provides a native app that allows people to watch music videos, live events as well as full episodes of shows like Teen Wolf right from their Smartphone or tablet screen.

However, the series is not available for online viewing outside US due to copyright issues and content sharing agreements signed between MTV and other content providers. When you try to watch Teen Wolf from outside of USA on your laptop or Smartphone, you will come across the message – “Sorry, this video is unavailable from your location.” As it can be imagined, such IP based restrictions can prove immensely frustrating for expats and travelers since they cannot watch latest episodes of their favorite shows.

How MTV Blocks Access To Teen Wolf (and other shows)

MTV is able to block people from accessing specific shows since it knows about their location through their IP addresses. Your IP address is like your virtual address and it can tell a lot of details about you, including information regarding your current location. In order to bypass location and IP based restrictions imposed by MTV, you will need to get a USA IP address through an IP changing service.

As far as IP changing services are concerned, virtual private networks and proxies are considered as the best and most affordable solutions. However, use of proxies for viewing streaming shows should be avoided since most proxy providers cannot deliver optimum speeds required for streaming TV shows and movies on the internet. Some proxies may even leak your true IP address so you won’t be able to access Teen Wolf even after changing your IP address. A VPN is considered as a more reliable IP changing solution it is backed by robust infrastructure and even encrypts traffic to secure your personal details, including your IP address and location, from content providers like MTV.

How To Watch Teen Wolf From Abroad With A VPN

1) Get a VPN service that has VPN server(s) in USA. To watch Teen Wolf online, we encourage signing up with OverplayInvisible BrowsingHideMyAssIPVanishPureVPNExpressVPN, and VyprVPN, simply because these VPN service providers provide a US IP address and offer unmatched connection speeds at a very affordable price.

2) The next step is to configure your VPN service by installing a custom client or by modifying few network settings. The setup is fairly easy and even tech-challenged people should be able to configure a VPN service by referring to step-by-step instructions provided by their VPN providers.

3) After the software installation or change in network settings is complete, save and apply changes. You might even need to reboot your computer or laptop for the setting changes to take effect. As far as tablets and Smartphones are concerned, you only need to save the new connection details and close and restart the MTV app to use the most up-to-date network settings.

4) Connect to the newly set up service by hitting the Connect option or clicking the Virtual private network icon. Based on your speed and current location, it could take a few minutes for the VPN program to locate its default VPN server.

5) Remember to pick a US server if your default server is not from the country. Almost all renowned VPN providers have servers in multiple countries so you will need to pick a US server manually to unblock Teen Wolf full episodes. If the VPN vendor has more than one server in United States, select a server which is nearest to your present location to get faster streaming and buffering speeds.

6) Visit the MTV site and click on Teen Wolf program name to ensure that you can watch the episodes without running into any problem. To watch the episodes from mobile devices, close and restart the MTV native app and play Teen Wolf videos again. Congratulations, you are now free to enjoy Teen Wolf full episodes from any location on the earth.

August 20, 2013

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