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Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Supergirl is an exciting new TV series which currently airs on the CBS TV channel. The action, drama and superhero TV series is based on the character Supergirl which appears in the DC comics. The show premiered in October’ 2015 to extremely positive reviews following which CBS ordered a full season of 20 episodes for the series. In this helpful article, we will go over the steps needed to unblock Supergirl TV series from anywhere with the help of a VPN service.

What To Expect From Supergirl?

Kara Zor-El (played by Melissa Benoist) is the elder cousin of Kal-El (Superman) who was sent to Earth by her parents to look after her cousin. After her escape pod gets hit by the shockwave from Krypton’s explosion, time stops for her and she is forced to spend 24 years in the phantom zone. Eventually she reaches Earth but by then Kal-El has already become Superman whereas she is still 13 years old. Kara eventually becomes Supergirl and learns to embrace her powers while fighting nefarious forces, some of whom are from her own planet.

How To Watch Supergirl?

Supergirl is telecast on Monday nights at 8 PM on the CBS channel. If you are a cord cutter then you can also stream the series via the CBS website. If you want to watch online, just click on this link.

However, the above link won’t work for viewers who are located outside United States. When expats, tourists or viewers from other countries try to watch an episode of Supergirl through the above link, they see the following error message instead of the episode video:


This type of geographical content locking strategy is not only used by CBS but also by most major streaming service providers. Content creators like CBS often partner with overseas content providers to distribute their shows abroad and in return, they need to forego overseas distribution rights. In order to prevent international viewers from watching Supergirl online, CBS checks IP addresses of all the viewers and only permits people having American IPs to watch the show’s episodes. Viewers with non-US IP addresses are instantly redirected to “Content Unavailable” page which shows the above error message.

How To Stream Supergirl’s Episodes From Anywhere?

If you want to bypass CBS’ location based filters and unblock Supergirl from outside US then you need to hide your real location and IP address from the content provider. While there are many IP changing solutions available, I recommend subscribing to a VPN or SmartDNS service simply because these services provide high speeds and an extremely reliable way of hiding real IP addresses. Here are the six simple steps which can help you to unblock the series from anywhere:

Step 1) Check the features offered by various VPN/SmartDNS service providers and choose a service that fits your budget and streaming needs. While there are hundreds of VPN providers on the internet, the following are the best of the lot:

Step 2) After your order is confirmed, you can set up the service on your laptop/desktop/Smartphone/tablet. Most SmartDNS services can also be configured on Smart TVs, gaming consoles and routers in addition to computers and mobile devices so they are definitely a lot more versatile. The configuration may involve installing a software (mostly on PCs) or setting up the service manually (on other devices).

Step 3) The final setup step involves saving the changes. If you wish to stream the series via the CBS app then you also need to close and restart the app.

Step 4) Test the newly set up service by clicking on its desktop icon. Alternately, you can invoke a connection with the VPN/SmartDNS server by starting the service from the Network Connections area.

Step 5) After the service gets connected to the VPN server, you need to examine whether the IP address assigned to you is from United States. This step is not necessary for manually configured connections where you specify IP address of a US server explicitly. On the other hand, if you are using the software provided by your service provider then you must check the location of your new IP and switch to a US IP address by manually choosing from the list of available server locations.

Step 6) Once you have switched to a US IP address, you can stream Supergirl episodes via browser or the CBS app. If you come across any more location or IP related error messages, just remember to close the browser/app as well as clear all the cookies and cache to delete traces of older browsing history from your device.

July 5, 2016

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