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Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Reign is a historical, fantasy and romance TV series which made its debut on CWTV in October’ 2013. The show follows the exploits of Mary, Queen of Scots while she was living in France. While the first season focused on Mary’s impending marriage to Prince Francis and forces conspiring against them, the second season witnessed their ascension as the King and Queen of Scotland following the death of King Henry II. The third season introduces Queen Elizabeth as she tries to hold onto power in the face of mounting opposition as well as portrays her uneasy relationship with Mary. Although the series has received mixed response from the critics, it has been renewed twice by CWTV. The third season of the series premiered in October’ 2015.

How To Stream Reign TV Series?

The latest episodes of the series are available for streaming via the following link

However, this option works only within United States due to the GEO-IP restrictions imposed by CWTV. Whenever you try to stream the series from abroad (with a non-US IP address), you will come across the following message:


CWTV is forced to impose such geographical restrictions because of its partnership with overseas satellite channels and content providers. The channel has tied with multiple providers (Netflix for UK and Mexico, M3 for Canada, RTE2 for Ireland, Fox8 for Australia) to distribute the series outside US and in return, it has agreed not to telecast the show outside American territories. To enforce these restrictions, CWTV validates the IP address of all the viewers and only allows people with American IPs to actually watch the show. An unintended consequence of this decision is that even US expats, tourists and business flyers are barred from accessing CWTV shows from overseas locations.

How To Stream Reign From Any Location (even overseas)?

If you loved the first two seasons of Reign and would like to stream the series from outside United States then there is some good news for you. Since CWTV relies on IP addresses to identify your location, you can bypass its filters by switching to US based IPs. Although this sounds complicated, changing IPs is as easy as clicking on a button thanks to the availability of hundreds of VPN and SmartDNS solutions. Here is a step-by-step guide for unlocking Reign (as well as other CWTV shows) from any part of the world:

Step 1) To begin with, you need to subscribe to a fast and dependable VPN or SmartDNS service. If you have no idea regarding which companies can be trusted, here is a list of some renowned service providers:

Step 2) Once your order is confirmed by your service provider, you can go ahead and configure the service on your computer or mobile device. This may either involve installing a VPN software or changing the existing network settings of the device. Most VPN companies provide pre-configured softwares for computers but when it comes to mobile devices, many of them ask you to configure the service manually.

Step 3) Save the changes and reboot the device if needed. Even if you don’t have to restart the machine, make sure that you close and restart the browser or the CWTV app so that it can use the new network settings.

Step 4) Once the setup is finished, you are ready to test the service. Once again, this may involve running the VPN software or navigating to the Network Connections area and starting the service from over there.

Step 5) After the connection is successfully established, your device will get a new IP address from the pool of IPs available with your service provider. If you have configured the service manually then you will get a US IP address automatically. On the other hand, if you have installed the VPN software supplied by your provider then you would also need to verify the location of your new IP address. Most VPN companies are expanding globally so it is indeed possible that you may get a non-US IP address by default. If this happens, simply switch to a US server available with your provider.

Step 6) The final step is of course to visit the CWTV site and stream the latest episodes of Reign. You can do this through your favorite browser or via the CWTV app. Since you now have an American IP address, you should be able to stream the episodes without coming across IP/location related error messages.

April 6, 2016

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