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Watch Marvel’s Jessica Jones Series Online

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is a brand new superhero series from the house of Netflix. The series is based on the adventures of Marvel Comics character Jessica Jones and it shares continuity with the movies set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Upon making its debut in November’ 2015, the series was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews with most critics praising the series’ noir tone as well as the performances of the lead characters. This article will reveal how you can unblock Marvel’s Jessica Jones from any location with the help of a VPN or SmartDNS service.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Storyline

In the series, Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones whose superhero career is cut short due to a tragedy. While she is haunted by her failures and even suffers from PTSD, Jessica decides to bring her life back on track and become a private investigator. Based in Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan, Jessica uses her remarkable powers to help her clients while battling her inner demons.

How To Watch Marvel’s Jessica Jones?

All the episodes of the series are available for streaming via this link.

It is worth noting here that the above link is meant only for American subscribers of Netflix. If you are based in a country where Netflix is not officially available, you will come across the following message upon clicking the above link:


How To Stream The Series From Anywhere?

If you are a big fan of Marvel characters and wish to unblock Marvel’s Jessica Jones regardless of your location then here is some extremely good news for you. Since Netflix depends on viewers’ IP addresses to determine their location, you can circumvent the GEO-IP blocks imposed by the provider simply by switching to a US IP. While this sounds complicated and looks difficult to implement, the reality is that you can get a US based IP address from anywhere just by signing up for a VPN service. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a SmartDNS service and alter your DNS settings to unlock Netflix from anywhere. As you can see below, you can bypass all types of geographical restrictions and unblock Netflix from outside US in 6 simple steps:

Step 1) The first step obviously is to subscribe to a fast and dependable VPN/SmartDNS service. Here are some great providers to get you started:

Step 2) Check out the setup options available for your device and OS. Most VPN companies offer an easy to install client for Windows/Mac based systems but if you want to configure the service on a mobile device, you would need to do it manually. The manual setup involves navigating to the Network Connections area of your computer/Smartphone and modifying the default network settings.

Step 3) After all the setup steps are complete, you need to save the changes and even reboot your machine. For those of you who want to stream Netflix on a mobile device, make sure to close and restart the Netflix app so that it can make use of the new network settings.

Step 4) Start the service by clicking on its desktop icon. If you are using a SmartDNS service or if you have configured the service manually then you must navigate to the Network Connections section to run the service.

Step 5) Once you see the “Connection is Successful” message, you are ready to stream On-Demand content. However, before you head to Netflix’s website, you must be doubly sure of the location of your new IP address. Since many VPN providers have deployed their default servers outside United States, it is possible that you may not get a US IP address automatically. If this happens to be the case, simply switch to a US server by going through the list of available servers and choosing a US based VPN server manually.

Step 6) Fire up your favorite browser (or the Netflix app) and visit Marvel’s Jessica Jones homepage once again. Since you have masked your real location with the help of a VPN/SmartDNS service, Netflix should now allow you to stream the series. However, if you still come across IP/location elated error messages, make sure to clear the cache and cookies as well as stop and restart the Netflix app.

April 20, 2016

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