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Watch Longmire Season 4 From Anywhere

Friday, December 18th, 2015

Longmire is a crime drama TV series which made its debut in 2012. The first 3 seasons of the series aired on A&E TV channel but for its fourth season, the show moved to Netflix. Longmire has garnered extremely positive response since its inception and most critics and viewers have praised its storyline and rugged scenery.

What To Expect From Longmire Season 4?

As you might be aware, Longmire is based the exploits of Wyoming county sheriff Walt Longmire who returns to crime fighting after the death of his wife. In season 4, Walt investigates the death of his deputy Branch Connally. While Branch’s death seems like suicide at first glance, Walt becomes suspicious after looking at the evidence found at the scene of the crime. Longmire himself becomes a suspect after Branch’s father confesses to killing his son but causes Walt to kill him in his drunken stupor. Additionally, the season also investigates the rape of a Cheyenne woman for which the criminals were never prosecuted.

How To Watch Longmire Season 4 Online?

Longmire is available for streaming via the Netflix website:

Currently, the season 4 of the series is available exclusively to American audiences. If you try to stream Longmire’s season 4 episodes from a non-US location, you will see the following “Content Unavailable” message


How To Watch Longmire Season 4 From Any Location?

If you wish to watch Longmire’s Season 4 from a non-US location then the first thing you need to do is change your non-US IP address to a US IP. Like other content providers, Netflix checks the IP address of its visitors to determine whether they are accessing the site from a US or non-US location. If the algorithms and filters used by Netflix find that a viewer is trying to watch Longmire from a non-US location (owing to non-US IP address), he/she is instantly barred from accessing the content and redirected to the “Content Unavailable” page. By using IP changing solutions like VPN or SmartDNS services, it is easy to bypass all Netflix restrictions and access shows like Longmire from any location. Here are the easy steps which allow you to unblock Longmire Season 4:

Step 1) Subscribe to a fast and reliable VPN service which allows you to switch to a US IP or supports Netflix streaming. In case you don’t know which providers are trustworthy, here are some suggestions:

Step 2) After you have subscribed to a VPN or SmartDNS service, you would need to install/configure it on your computer or mobile device. The VPN providers listed above provide pre-configured clients for most computer Operating Systems but when it comes to mobile devices, the configuration needs to be done manually. Likewise, many SmartDNS services require tinkering with the Network settings of your device.

Step 3) Save the configuration changes and restart your device/Netflix app as per the instructions provided by your VPN/SmartDNS provider.

Step 4) Once the setup is complete, you can test your connection. This is usually a straightforward process where you need to initiate a connection with the VPN server by clicking on the desktop icon of the service. However, for mobile devices you may have to navigate to the Network Settings area and start the service from there.

Step 5) After the connection is successful, you must ascertain that your new IP is from United States. This may not be necessary if your provider has got servers only in United States or if its default server is within mainland US. This step would ensure that you can stream Longmire’s latest season without running into location related roadblocks.

Step 6) Open the Netflix app or navigate to Longmire’s home page on Netflix with your favorite browser. Since your IP has changed to a US IP, you should be able to stream all the episodes of the latest season without running into any problems.

December 18, 2015

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