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Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

The 2015–16 season of Spanish La Liga League (known as Liga BBVA for the current season) has kicked off with great fanfare. The current season, which happens to be 85th edition of the League, promises to be an action packed sporting extravaganza that will keep football fans glued to their TV screens. The current season of the League kicked off on 22 August’ 2015 and will culminate on 15 May’ 2016.

La Liga 2015–16 Predictions

When Barcelona won the League last year, they completed a hat trick of wins since they had already won Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League. The defending champions would surely love to defend their title but let’s not forget teams like Read Madrid which can cause a major upset on any given day. Read Madrid’s star striker Cristiano Ronaldo scored maximum number of goals during the last season while Lionel Messi came a close second. Among other players, Neymar, Fernando Torres, Antoine Griezmann, James Rodriguez and Luis Suarez are expected to shine for their respective teams.

La Liga 2015–16 Broadcast

La Liga’s broadcasting rights were purchased by Telefónica for Spain, Sky Sports for United Kingdom, beIN Sports for United States, Canada as well as France and ESPN for Latin American markets.

If you want to watch the League’s matches online then it is possible to do so through the following sites:

While the above sites allow you to watch La Liga’s matches on your laptop, Smartphone or tablet, there is a big drawback associated with them. Most of these sites are available only to native population which means they are accessible only to people from a certain country of geographical area. This means unless you are located within that country, you won’t be able to stream the matches at all since your IP address won’t be able to satisfy the regional checks imposed by these providers.

This is indeed a huge problem for football fans who need to travel for business or personal reasons. If you happen to be a tourist, expat or a student who can’t watch La Liga’s matches due to your current location then the best option is to subscribe to an IP changing service like a Virtual Private Network. I wouldn’t really recommend using proxies since they are far easier to block and do not deliver the speeds needed for streaming live La Liga matches. Once you have subscribed to a VPN service, you can easily change your IP to a US IP and stream La Liga’s matches from beIN Sports website or switch to a UK IP and watch the matches through Sky Sports site. By using a VPN, you can even stream La Liga’s matches from a country where there is no official broadcast of the League.

If you want to stream the La Liga League’s matches from any part of the world then I recommend subscribing to any one of the following VPN services:

December 3, 2015

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