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Watch HBO’s Show Vice From Anywhere

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Vice is a documentary TV series which airs on HBO. Hosted and created by Shane Smith (from the Vice magazine), the show is currently in its third season plus it has also been confirmed for a fourth season. The show has garnered rave review from the critics and has even won an Emmy award for its second season.

What To Expect From Vice?

Vice brings startling and often ground breaking stories from different corners of the world. The show follows the footsteps of journalists Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi as well as hosts Thomas Morton and Ryan Duffy as they interview people from around the world. While most of the interviews are related to local culture and politics, the series also explores sensitive topics like China’s one child policy, political assassinations, climate change, bonded labor, young weapons manufacturers, India-Pakistan border politics and the issue of child suicide bombers.

How To Watch Vice Online?

The first three seasons of Vice are available for streaming at http://www.hbo.com/vice/episodes/index.html. In addition to HBO Go, subscribers can now also stream the series through HBO Now. However, the above link would not work outside United States since HBO has restricted the show’s availability only to its American subscribers. This means even genuine subscribers of HBO would not be able to watch the show’s episodes if they happen to be travelling and currently have a non-US IP address.

Unblocking Vice From Anywhere

Since GEO-blocking of shows like Vice happen through IP addresses, you need to ditch your local IP and switch to an American IP in order to unblock the show. This can be done by using IP changing solutions such as proxies or VPNs. While proxies are a lot cheaper, I recommend staying away from them since they are easier to block plus they cannot deliver the speeds required for HD quality online streaming. Additionally, there is an option of using SmartDNS solutions which unlocks streaming services by tinkering with DNS settings. Follow the steps below to unlock Vice with a VPN:

Step 1) Choose a reliable VPN or SmartDNS service for unlocking HBO shows (as well as dozens of other streaming services). If you don’t have any experience with VPN or SmartDNS services, here are some high quality recommendations from my side:

Step 2) After the subscription process is complete, it is time to set up the service. Depending on your service provider, it may either involve installing a software or tinkering with the network settings of your computer or mobile device. The configuration also depends on the type of VPN protocol that the service is using.

Step 3) Save the changes to finish the configuration and restart your machine if it is mentioned in the installation guide supplied by your service provider. In addition, you must restart the HBO app to flush out the old settings.

Step 4) Test the service by clicking on its desktop icon. In case the service was set up manually, you must browse to the Network Connections area and start the service from there.

Step 5) Once the connection is established, you will get a new IP address. However, it is absolutely essential to verify that the new IP is indeed from within United States. Most big VPN service providers have servers throughout the world so it is very much possible that their default server may be located within Europe (or even Asia). If this happens to be the case, you need to switch to an US IP address by choosing the nearest available American VPN server as your server of choice.

Step 6) Open the HBO app or visit the Vice’s homepage on HBO’s website. Since you now have an American IP address, you should be able to stream the series’ episodes from any part of the world.

December 3, 2015

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