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Watch CSI: Cyber From Outside US

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

CSI: Cyber is a police-procedural and drama TV series airing on CBS. The show is a spin-off series of the immensely popular CSI and focuses exclusively on cybercrimes. The first season of the series aired between March-May’ 2015 whereas the second season premiered on October 4′ 2015. In this article, we’ll go over how to watch the show online regardless which country you reside.

What To Expect From CSI: Cyber?

Avery Ryan (played by Patricia Arquette) is a behavioral psychologist who works for FBI and has established the agency’s cyber-crime division. She also leads the “hack-for-good” program whereby hackers and cyber-criminals caught by her can waive off their prison sentence in lieu of using their tech expertise for investigating cybercrimes. Together, the team investigates a range of internet based crimes including theft, hacking, murder, blackmail as well as online harassment and sexual crimes.

How To Watch CSI: Cyber?

CBS telecasts CSI: Cyber on Sunday nights at 10 P.M. Additionally, the series can be streamed via this link.

Like most American On-Demand streaming service providers, CBS has decided to restrict its content only within American borders. This means you would not be able to stream CSI: Cyber on your laptop or Smartphone if you happen to be based abroad. Should you try to watch the series from outside US, you will come across a page displaying the following message:


Why CBS Restricts Access To CSI: Cyber?

CBS has partnered with Channel 5 in UK, CTV Canada, RTE in Ireland, Rai TV in Italy and AXN in Asia to distribute the series outside America. The content licensing sing agreement signed by these companies has a clause which prevents them from broadcasting/streaming the show outside a particular country or territory. Of course, such geographical restrictions are not in the best interests of business travelers and expats since they are deprived of their favorite streaming options once they travel outside their country.

How To Unblock CSI: Cyber From Any Location?

If you are a fan of CSI and would like to watch the latest episodes of CSI: Cyber from a non-US territory then you need to use an IP or DNS changing service. If you just want to unlock streaming services from abroad then you can subscribe to a SmartDNS service. On the other hand, if you want to stream On-Demand services, bypass censorship as well as protect your personal details then subscribing to a VPN service is your best bet. Here are the steps required to unlock the series from a foreign location:

Step 1) Subscribe to a dependable VPN or SmartDNS service which has deployed servers within United States or which supports CBS streaming. If you need assistance with your decision, here are some service providers that deliver a fast and trustworthy service:

Step 2) Look out for the subscription confirmation email from your service provider. The mail would point out the location from where you can download and install the VPN client or provide the link of Knowledgebase section where the manual configuration instructions are available. Follow the steps given for your OS/device in order to set up the service.

Step 3) The final setup step involves saving the network setting changes as well as closing/restarting the CBS app.

Step 4) Tin order to start the service, click on its desktop icon. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Network Connections area and start the service from there.

Step 5) Once the connection is established, you would be assigned a new IP address by your service provider. Before you proceed to watch CSI: Cyber, I would urge you to check the location of your new IP address. It is not unusual for a VPN provider to have its default server located outside United States. If this happens with you as well, simply choose a US based VPN server from the list of available servers.

Step 6) Open a browser window and navigate to the CSI: Cyber page on the CBS website. Alternatively, you can open the CBS app on your mobile device and check whether you are able to stream the show’s episodes. Since all location/IP related roadblocks have been taken care of by your service provider, you should be able to watch the series without any problem.

December 31, 2015

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