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Watch Chicago P.D. From Anywhere

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Chicago P.D. is a police procedural TV series which currently airs on NBC. The series is a spin-off series of Chicago Fire and made its debut in January’ 2014. Although the show has received mixed reviews from the critics, it has managed to develop a dedicated fan base for itself. The 22 episode third season of the series premiered in September’ 2015.

Chicago P.D. Storyline

The series follows District 21 of Chicago Police Department as they fight crime and criminals within the city. District 21 actually comprises of two separate units: uniformed cops and the Intelligence Unit. While uniformed cops tackle street crimes and patrol the beat, the Intelligence Unit focuses on high profile crimes like drug trafficking, organized crime and murders. Together, these two units keep the city safe from criminals and organized gangs.

How To Watch Chicago P.D.?

Chicago P.D. is telecast on Wednesday nights at 10 PM on the NBC channel. In addition, the series episodes are available for online streaming through the NBC website.

Bear in mind that the above link is only meant for American audiences. If you are not based in United States, you will see the following message upon clicking the above link:


While such geographical restrictions may seem odd, NBC uses them to honor the licensing agreements which it has signed with its partner channels. To distribute Chicago P.D. outside US, the channel has partnered with a number of international content providers (including 5USA in UK and Ireland, Universal Channel in Australia). Each content provider (including NBC) is bound by content sharing agreements to telecast/stream the series only within a particular country/region. To enforce these GEO-IP restrictions, NBC needs to check the IP address of all its viewers and only permit viewers having a US IP address to access the show’s episodes. These restrictions even prevent expats and frequent fliers from accessing their favorite shows from abroad.

How To Watch Chicago P.D. From Anywhere?

If you wish to stream Chicago P.D.’s episodes from outside US then you need to resort to technical gimmickry in order to beat NBC’s checks and filters. Since the content restriction works on the basis on IP address, you can unlock the show if you switch to a US IP address or use NBC approved DNS settings. This can be achieved by subscribing to a VPN or SmartDNS service. Follow the simple steps given below in order to unlock the show from an international location:

Step 1) Subscribe to a renowned VPN or SmartDNS service. Most service providers offer great discounts on long term plans so subscribe to a half-yearly or annual plan if you are going to be overseas for a long time. Here are some companies which deliver absolutely fantastic service:

Step 2) Install the VPN/SmartDNS software provided by your vendor. Some vendors do not provide VPN clients so you may have to configure the service manually. Manual configuration is also often needed for mobile devices (Smartphones and tablets).

Step 3) Once the configuration is complete, save all the changes. Depending on your device and OS, you may also have to restart the machine. In addition, closing and restarting the NBC app is the best way to flush out the old network settings.

Step 4) Click/Tap on the icon of the newly configured connection in order to start the service.

Step 5) When the connection is established, your IP address will change automatically. Before visiting the NBC website, I recommend testing that the new IP is indeed from US. This can be done by using the IP validation tool available within the VPN client or by visiting any one of the IP checking websites. If your new IP is still not from United States, look for a US VPN server in the client and make it your server of choice.

Step 6) Visit the Chicago P.D. homepage and check whether you are able to stream the episodes now. If you see “Content Unavailable” message again, simple flush out your old cookies, cache and Network settings and restart your browser/NBC app again.

December 21, 2015

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