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Watch Catastrophe TV Series From Anywhere

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Catastrophe is a British sitcom TV series which made its debut on Channel 4 in January’ 2015. The series has been praised for its humor and crackling chemistry between lead actors Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney (who also happen to be the creators of the show). The first season of the series was met with universal acclaim following which Channel 4 decided to renew it for a second season. The new season of Catastrophe premiered in October’ 2015 and the series has also made its way into US via the Amazon Prime streaming service. In this detailed article, you will learn how to watch the series from any location through a VPN or SmartDNS service.

Catastrophe Storyline

Rob Norris is in London on a business trip where he meets an attractive Irish woman named Sharon Morris. Both of them embark on a short but passionate affair which gets over within no time since Rob has to return to United States. When Sharon discovers that she is pregnant with Rob’s child, he decides to come back to Britain and begins a serious relationship with her.

How To Watch Catastrophe Online?

All the episodes of Catastrophe can be streamed on a computer or mobile device via the following link.

It is worth noting that the above link doesn’t work outside United States. International viewers trying to stream the series episodes would be presented with the following error message instead of the series episodes when they click on the above link:


Since Catastrophe is a British production, Amazon has purchased broadcasting rights for the series from Channel 4. Because of content sharing agreements signed between these two companies, Amazon is forbidden from distributing the show outside United States. In order to enforce these restrictions strictly, Amazon checks the IP address of each and every viewer and allows them to stream the series only when it is convinced that the person is indeed from United States. These geographical filters can even affect US expats and tourists who are currently touring an overseas country.

How To Unblock Catastrophe From Any Location?

For streaming Catastrophe episodes from outside US, you need to switch to a US IP address or use Amazon approved DNS settings. Changing of IP/DNS values is not complicated provided you are willing to use a VPN or SmartDNS service. Below we show how anyone can stream the series from outside US with the help of such services:

Step 1) Choose a fast and reliable VPN/SmartDNS content unlocking solution. Here are some good service providers which can unlock Amazon Instant Video service for you:

Step 2) Set up the service on your preferred device by following the instructions supplied by the vendor. Many companies provide installable clients for Windows and Mac based computers but for mobile devices and other Operating Systems, you may have to configure the service on a manual basis. The manual setup usually involves changing the default Network Settings of the device by using values provided by the VPN/SmartDNS company.

Step 3) To finish the setup process, simply save all the changes and restart the machine and/or Amazon Instant Video app. Restarting the app and flushing the cache is especially essential for mobile devices otherwise you may still come across location related error messages upon connecting to the Amazon Instant Video service.

Step 4) Click on the VPN/SmartDNS service icon to launch it. For manually configured VPN or SmartDNS connections, you would need to navigate to the Network Connections area once again and run the service from over there.

Step 5) One the connection is successful and you have been assigned a new IP address, you are ready to stream Catastrophe (as well as other Amazon Prime shows). However, before you do so, I urge you to check the location of your new IP address with an IP checking service. Since many VPN vendors have their default servers outside United States, it is possible to get a non-US IP address upon initial connection. In such cases, you just need to look for alternate US based servers and use the nearest one as your preferred VPN server.

Step 6) Visit the homepage of Catastrophe series with the help of a browser or Amazon Instant Video app. Since your new IP address is from mainland United States, you should have no problem in streaming the series from anywhere.

August 14, 2016

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