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Watch The Affair TV Series Online

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

The Affair is a psychological drama and mystery TV series which made its debut on Showtime in October’ 2014. The show focuses on Noah Solloway and Alison Lockhart, who begin an extramarital relationship after meeting at Montauk, Long Island. While Noah is a teacher and author, Alison is trying to put her life on track after the death of her child. The series is told from the perspective of both and it explores the emotional toll of the affair on their lives. The second season focuses on how the cheating couple as well as their spouses deal with the consequences of the secret affair. The series has received a very positive response from the critics plus it has even won Golden Globe awards for Best Actress and Best TV Series in Drama category. Following the success of season 1, Showtime renewed the show for a second season which premiered in October’ 2015.

How To Watch The Affair in the US and Overseas?

Apart from watching the series on the Showtime TV channel, viewers can also stream the series On-Demand or via the Showtime Anytime app (which doesn’t require a cable subscription). You can watch the show online via the following link.

Unfortunately, the above streaming options work only from within United States. Since Showtime has partnered with a number of content providers to distribute the series abroad (The Movie Network and Movie Central in Canada, Showcase in Australia and Sky Atlantic in UK), it is legally bound by content sharing agreements not to let people from outside US stream the series online. The provider relies on IP addresses to determine the location of viewers and if an IP happens to be from United States, the viewer is allowed to watch the episodes of the series. Due to the strict IP filtering mechanism used by Showtime, even US expats and frequent fliers are barred from watching the series while they are abroad.

How To Unblock The Affair From Outside US?

If you are interested in watching the critically acclaimed series from outside America, you must hide your real location from Showtime. This can be done by subscribing to IP/DNS changing services like VPNs or SmartDNS services. Here is the guide on how to watch the series from any location:

Step 1) Signup with a trustworthy VPN/SmartDNS service which supports Showtime streaming. Here are some highly recommended services for you:

Step 2) After your order is complete, you need to configure the service on a laptop, Smartphone or tablet. If your vendor does not provide a pre-configured VPN/SmartDNS software then you must follow the instructions to change the default network settings. Most vendors provide step by step instructions for all Operating systems and devices so even non-technical people should be able to configure the service without facing any problem.

Step 3) Save all the changes by clicking on Save/OK buttons. If the Showtime Anytime app is already running then you must also Force Stop it, clear its cache and start it again.

Step 4) Once the setup is finished, you can run the service. Click/Tap on the service’s desktop icon to run it. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Network Settings area and start the service from there.

Step 5) If you configured the service manually then you can proceed to the next step. However, if you are using the client supplied by your vendor then you must verify the location of your new IP with an IP checking service. This is essential because your service provider may connect you to the nearest VPN server by default which could be located United States. To unlock US based streaming services, you need to select a US based server from the list of available servers.

Step 6) Open the Showtime Anytime app or visit the Showtime website through your browser. As you have already switched to a US IP address, you should be able to stream all the episodes of The Affair without coming across any error message.

April 6, 2016

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