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VPNTV Review – Unlock Premium Streaming Services From Anywhere

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

VPNTV is brought to you by a Gloucester, United Kingdom based company. Established in 2010, the company has positioned itself as a VPN provider that facilitates watching streaming TV shows and movies online. In the VPNTV Review below, we will check out the features offered by the service and decide if it is worth the money.

Server Locations and Site Access

VPNTV has servers in 5 different countries – United Kingdom (London and Gosport), United States (Denver, Scranton, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles), Czech Republic (Prague), Sweden (Stockholm) and Slovakia (Bratislava). If you are a big fan of online streaming services then you can rejoice since VPNTV allows you to unlock streaming services and local content from the above 5 countries from any corner of the world. Once you are connected to the service, you would be able to unlock sites like BBC iPlayer, ABC Player, iTV Player, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, NFL, MLB, MTV, Hulu, Pandora, CBS, NBC, CWTV, Demand 5, 4OD, Rara along with several other services that are not available outside these 5 countries. But VPNTV’s service is not just meant for streaming TV shows and movies, it also allows you to bypass censorship imposed by governments (especially in China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Brazil) and organizations while making it possible to access your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and Skype without any restrictions. The company allows unlimited server switches so you can unlock premium content from several countries with just one VPN plan.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

VPNTV delivers unlimited bandwidth and speeds required to stream HD TV shows and movies, downloading, playing online games and VOIP activities. However, the company reserves the right to limit bandwidth if a user transfers more than 2 GB of data daily on a consistent basis. The company allows peer to peer sharing through Sweden and Slovakia servers so you can use the service to hide your bittorrenting activities.

Privacy Settings

VPNTV offers a secure 128 bit encryption through its network. The level of encryption available is adequate to escape all kinds of surveillance and protect data and identity from hackers and cyber criminals. If you regularly use Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, public parks, coffee shops, libraries, hotels and book shops then you require an additional layer of protection to secure your credit card data, passwords, bank accounts and social account details. VPNTV provides that extra layer of security for both wired and wireless connections and helps you to secure your browsing, emailing, FTP, VOIP and messaging activities.

VPNTV stores connection details for a period of 5 days. The logs do not contain data related to browsing habits of users and are used only to monitor server performance. The company respects the privacy of customers and does not hand over user data to anyone unless it is required to do so by law enforcement agencies.

Supported Operating Systems

VPNTV is compatible with the most widely used operating systems and devices including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS (used within iPads and iPhones) and Android based Smartphones/Tablets. The setup process is simple since it does not require downloading or installation of any software. You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions available on the company’s website and you would be able to get the system up and running within minutes. For Windows operating system, the company even offers a one click solution that makes it super easy to configure the service.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through live chat and email. Since the live chat facility is available only during UK time, it is best to use emails to get answers to your support or technical questions. On the flip side, the company does not provide troubleshooting instructions for common VPN error through its portal which means you will need to contact the support team even for minor technical issues.

Pricing Options

VPNTV’s unlimited plans start from £8.99 per month (£19.99 for 3 months, £34.99 for 6 months and £59.99 for a year). The company offers a 31 day trial for just £1 (£7.49 per month thereafter) so you can test the service for one month with minimum risk. The company even offers full refunds in case you are not happy with the service and make a refund request within 3 days of the purchase. The service is not available to African customers (except from South Africa) unless they can provide a Government issued ID.

Final Verdict

On the whole, VPNTV delivers a better than average VPN experience. While the company does not have servers in many important VPN markets and regions, it offers great speeds along with high level of anonymity. So if you are looking for a dependable VPN provider to secure your internet connection and unlock your favorite streaming sites, check the VPN plans from VPNTV today. For more information, please visit: www.vpntv.co.uk.

July 4, 2013

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