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VPNSmile Review – Stay Away From This VPN Provider!!! They are THIEVES!!!

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

VPNSmile is a new VPN service provider that launched its service in August’ 2013. Read on to discover why the service doesn’t appear to be legitimate and why you need to stay away from this service provider.

VPNSmile’s Features – Before we expose VPNSmile’s deceptive practices, let’s check the claims made by the provider. VPNSmile claims to have 100+ servers in 13 countries including some in major countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands and Russia.

The home page of VPNSmile’s website states that it does not impose any kind of speed or bandwidth restriction upon its customers and its VPN solution works with Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and Mac. The company further claims that it provides unmatched privacy and does not store browsing logs.

VPNSmile’s unlimited plans are available from $1.89/day, $8.99/ month, $18.99/ quarter and $58.99/ year. The company does not offer free trials but claims to offer 30 day money back guarantee.

Now that you are aware of the claims made by VPNSmile, let’s look at some cold hard facts which prove beyond doubt that the service is not legitimate.

1). Stealing And Republishing Content – While reviewing VPNSmile’s service, we came across a very disturbing trend. The company had been quietly stealing and republishing content not only from our website but also from several other VPN sites. The stolen content was deleted from VPNSmile’s website after a takedown action was initiated but it can still be accessed through Google cache. Here are some examples of VPNSmile’s unethical behavior:

Violation #1: Original article – What is OpenVPN Protocol (https://vpncoupons.com/what-is-openvpn-protocol/)
1b. openvpn [DCMA Violation by VPNSmile]
Violation #2: Original article – What is PPTP Protocol? (https://vpncoupons.com/what-is-pptp-protocol/)
2b. PPTP Protocol [DCMA Violation by VPNSmile]
Violation #3: Original article – How to Watch the Vampire Diaries from Overseas? (https://vpncoupons.com/how-to-watch-the-vampire-diaries-from-overseas/)
3a. vampire diaries [DCMA Violation by VPNSmile]
Violation #4: Original article – How to Watch Watch Boardwalk Empire Outside of the US? (https://vpncoupons.com/how-to-watch-boardwalk-empire-outside-of-the-us/)
4b. boardwalk empire [DCMA Violation by VPNSmile]
Violation #5: Original article – How to Watch New Girl Outside of the US? (https://vpncoupons.com/how-to-watch-new-girl-outside-of-the-us/)
5b. Watch New Girl [DCMA Violation by VPNSmile]

The outright theft of our content immediately raised a red flag about the business model of the company. A VPN provider that is unwilling to spend few dollars on original content is unlikely to spend thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars required to provide an efficient VPN service. And this was proven right when we discovered that VPNSmile is just a VPN reseller and not a true VPN service provider.

2). VPN Reselling – Even though the VPNSmile service was established just one month ago, its website was up for sale on the auction site Flippa.com. You can browse through VPNSmile’s listing at

The above sales page clearly states that the company is buying its VPN service from another VPN provider and reselling it to its customers. The company buys its daily, monthly, quarterly and annual VPN plans at $1.13, $5.96, $13.96 and $41.96 and resells them for $1.89, $8.99, $18.99 and $58.99 thereby earning a tidy profit for every transaction without having to provide any kind of support or customer service.

The auction page also illustrates that the company is serving just 2 customers! Yet if you visit the testimonial page of VPNSmile’s website (vpnsmile.com/testimonials), you will come across glowing reviews from several customers who are happy with the service! Considering that the service has been in the market for only a month, it is clear beyond doubt that nearly all the testimonials published on the VPNSmile’s site are nothing but outright lies.

3). Fake Contact Information – Till a few days back, VPNSmile had listed “Middlesbrough, Cleveland, UK” as its mailing address. The address is now deleted from VPNSmile’s site but the old contact information can still be accessed through webcache.googleusercontent.com. However, if you look at the the sales page of the website on Flippa (flippa.com/2969181-serious-only-pr-1-121-uniques-from-establishment-date-16-72-last-weekend), the seller happens to be from Vietnam. So, it is clear that the VPNSmile website was not established by a team of networking professionals who are passionate about online security but was created by a webmaster or marketer with the sole purpose of making a quick buck.

Final Verdict – VPNSmile is not only involved in theft of intellectual property but the company also misguiding its customers by posting fake information and testimonials. In addition, since the company is not a legitimate VPN vendor, you are unlikely to experience a reliable VPN service or get a fast resolution to your support queries. Considering the questionable nature of VPNSmile’s business, we recommend the customers to stay from the service.

October 22, 2013

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