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VPNOD Review – What To Expect From This Service Provider?

Monday, September 15th, 2014

VPNOD (VPN On Demand) is a privacy solution from KBSoft Co. LLC. which is a Miami, Florida based company. The company launched its VPN service in 2010 and it is one of the very few VPN providers to have a presence in the Middle East. In this detailed review, we will check the features offered by VPNOD and decide if the service is worth subscribing.

Server Locations & Site Access

As of now, VPNOD has VPN gateways at just 3 locations – United States, Kuwait and United Kingdom. The service enables its customers to unlock GEO-IP locked premium services and local content that requires an IP address from one of the above 3 countries. Once you change your IP address with VPNOD, you can easily access On-Demand services like Netflix, Demand 5, OSN, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, HBO Go, Eurosport, USA Network, Amazon Prime, Xfinity, MLB, STV, Lovefilm, Vudu, Vevo, UK TV, FOX, Hulu, 4OD, CBS, ABC, iTV, CWTV, NHL, TNT, MTV and NBC from any part of the world. Not only that, VPNOD also makes it easy to access blocked sites such as Twitter, Skype, Facebook, GTalk, Gmail, YouTube and Viber even if they are blocked by your network administrator (common in schools and offices) or ISPs (China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil, Thailand etc.). With VPNOD, it is even possible to access local content from 3 different countries (US, UK and Kuwait) since the company permits unlimited number of server switches for all subscribers.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth

VPNOD offers fast connection speeds and unrestricted bandwidth to its users. Since there are no monthly caps, users can stream HD content, use VOIP tools, download GB sized files and play online games for hours without experiencing buffering or throttling or hitting bandwidth quotas.

Privacy Settings

VPNOD offers security and privacy through PPTP and L2TP protocols. While these two protocols do not offer military-grade security, they are compatible with a wide array of computers and mobile devices. The service encrypts your personal data and online sessions and then routes them through a secure tunnel allowing you to protect your online activities from ISP and corporate surveillance and snooping. VPNOD also encrypts your confidential data (email addresses, credit card numbers, social accounts) so that they remain out of reach of criminals at public Wi-Fi hotspots that are usually installed at cafes, hotels, airports and malls. Unlike other privacy solutions, VPNOD has the power to secure all kinds of online sessions (browsing, FTP, VOIP, emailing, messaging) with just one click.

VPNOD logs certain connection parameters like IP address, timestamp and bandwidth for troubleshooting and dealing with illegal activities. The company will not share personal details of users with anyone unless it is asked to do so by a valid court order.

Supported Operating Systems

VPNOD is compatible with Windows (Vista, 7, 8), Linux (Ubuntu), Mac OS X, iPhones, iPads and Android Smartphones and tablets. The company offers customized installer for Windows but users of other systems would have to configure the service manually. While the company has published details setup instructions for most systems and devices, L2TP setup instructions are not available for few operating systems.

Customer Support

VPNOD offers customer support only through email. Unfortunately, the company has not published troubleshooting instructions for common errors so you need to contact the support staff even for seemingly trivial issues.

Pricing Options

VPNOD’s unlimited plans are available from $1.99 per week, $5.99 per month and $59.99 per year. Although there are no free trials available, every new customer get 2 hours of free access plus the company offers 7 day money back guarantee for monthly subscriptions (and 1 month money back guarantee for annual plans).

Final Verdict

Overall, VPNOD doesn’t offer too many features to justify the investment. The service doesn’t provide top grade privacy, the company logs IP addresses plus it offers a very limited choice of server locations. We recommend the service only to those who need an IP address from a Middle Eastern location. For more information, please visit: www.vpnod.com.

September 15, 2014

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