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VPNLux Review – Extra Security For Your Online Sessions

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

VPNLux is a new VPN service that offers privacy solutions to home and business users. Founded in 2013, the service was launched by a Panama based company. In this exhaustive VPNLux review, we will reveal what VPNLux has to offer and recommend if the service is worth your time and money.

Server Locations & Site Access

VPNLux has VPN gateways in 6 different countries – United States, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Russia and Luxembourg. Although the number of server locations is on a lower side, the service is well suited for expats, tourists and business travelers who want to access premium and local content from their home countries from abroad.

VPNLux allows it subscribers to unlock premium On-Demand services such as Netflix, Rara, D8, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pluzz, Eurosport, ABC Player, HBO Go, Xfinity, Lovefilm, D17, Deezer, Vudu, Sport1, STV, TV Lab, TMC, UK TV, Film1, RTVNH, W9, Pandora, Spotify, Canal+, AT5, Russia TV, Demand 5, Amazon Prime, Vevo, MTV, TNT, CWTV, Sky Go, iTV Player, USA Network, MLB, NHL, 4OD, NBC, FOX and CBS from any part of the world. Moreover, the service can assist you in unlocking Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube as well as VOIP services such as Skype, GTalk and Viber from colleges, workplaces and foreign countries where these services are blocked (China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brail just to name a few). VPNLux places no restriction on server switching (except if you have subscribed to the Dedicated IP plan) so you can unlock IP restricted content from multiple countries.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth

VPNLux has top-class infrastructure (100 MBit lines for home users, 1 GBit lines for corporate users) that allows it to deliver unrestricted bandwidth and unlimited speeds to its subscribers. The service is tailor made for demanding activities such as streaming of HD content, downloading files, VOIP and multiplayer gaming. The company even permits bittorrenting sessions from some servers so users can use the service to hide their P2P activities from ISPs.

Privacy Settings

VPNLux provides military grade security (up to 256 bit encryption with 2048 bit keys) to its customers. The service supports all major VPN protocols so you are free to choose a protocol as per your device and security needs. The service provides unmatched protection against hackers, criminals and sniffing programs (even at Wi-Fi hotspots) and can even help you to protect multiple types of online activities (including email, instant messages, browsing, VOIP) with just one click.

VPNLux does not keep logs of user activities; it just records connection details like User ID, timestamp and bandwidth. The company does not disclose user data to third parties unless there is an illegal activity involved

Supported Operating Systems

VPNLux works with Windows (7, 8, XP, Vista) and Mac OS-X. The company does not provide its own software so the setup needs to be done manually. However, VPNLux does provide detailed setup instructions for both Windows and Mac.

For extra security, customers can also subscribe to VPNLux’s Double VPN plan that encrypts data twice and routes traffic from up to 4 servers (1 entry server and 3 exit servers or 3 entry servers and 1 exit server). The company even offers dedicated IP plans for those who need open ports and a fixed IP address for gaming, banking or torrenting activities. What’s more, the company doesn’t rely on third party DNS providers; it has its own DNS servers. This protects the customers from DNS snooping and hijacking and offers unmatched security for banking and shopping sessions.

Customer Support

VPNLux provides customer support through email, Jabber, Skpye, AIM, ICQ, GTalk and Yahoo Messenger. The available of so many live chat options is a big plus since you would be able to resolve technical problems a lot quicker.

Pricing Options

VPNLux offers several types of VPN plans to its customers:

Standard VPN – Available for $2 for 1 day, $7 for 1 week, $19 for 30 days, $49 for 90 days, $90 for 180 days, $160 for 360 days.
Double VPN – Available for $9 per week, $29 for 30 days, $80 for 3 months, $140 for 180 days, $240 for 360 days.
Poker VPN – Dedicated IPs; costs $30 for 30 days, $60 for 60 days, $90 for 90 days, $300 for 360 days.
Dedicated VPN Plan – Dedicated IP and open ports; costs $35 for 30 days, $70 for 60 days, $105 for 90 days, $350 for 360 days.

VPNLux also offers corporate plans starting from $245 per month. The company does not offer trials so it is best to subscribe to daily or weekly plan first in order to test the service. Refunds are available only to those who are not able to use the service for technical reasons.

Final Verdict

VPNLux is meant for those who do not want to compromise on anonymity or security. While it is certainly not the cheapest privacy service around and is not compatible with mobile devices, it delivers unmatched level of security and privacy to its subscribers. We recommend the service to security conscious web users who are looking for a top-notch privacy solution. For more information, please visit: www.vpnlux.com.

September 16, 2014

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