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VPNLand Review – Should You Subscribe To This Service?

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

VPNLand is a Toronto, Canada based VPN service provider that has been offering privacy services since 2006. The company was formerly known as Blacklogic Inc. which was rebranded to VPNLand in March’ 2015. This review will let you know what to expect from the service and whether or not it is worth trying.

Server Locations & Site Access – VPNLand has deployed more than 400 servers in 7 different countries. The choice of IP locations includes United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Germany. While it can be said that the provider doesn’t have servers at a lot of locations, there is no denying the fact that the service is well suited for bypassing censorship and breaking geographical barriers.

The VPN service makes it easy to access GEO-IP restricted On-Demand streaming sites like BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant Videos, Pandora, Netflix, Arte, Russia TV, ABC Player, HBO Now, Zattoo, Much Music, Global TV, CBS, iTV Player, Hulu, Xfinity, USA Network, CBC, TNT, FOX, City TV, MTV, Spotify, RTL, Rara, Vudu, The Comedy Network, HBO Go, Lovefilm, E!, Vox, Deezer, ProSieben, CTV, Spacecast, Sky Go, Das Erste, NHL, Vevo, Bravo, Demand 5, Eurosport, MLB, CWTV, 4OD and NBC from any place in the world. Moreover, the service provides relief from all forms of state-sponsored and institutional censorship and provides easy access to popular services like Gmail, twitter, Viber, Facebook, Skype and YouTube from anywhere (even from China, Middle East, Latin America, workplaces and school networks). The provider even allows unlimited number of server switches so it is possible to access streaming content and local services from all the 7 countries where the company has servers.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – VPNLand does not throttle speed in any way nor does it restrict bandwidth for its subscribers. The company’s infrastructure consists of reliable, high speed servers which deliver optimum speeds for streaming, downloading, gaming and downloading needs. The company even offers a separate VPN plan for streaming and gaming activities that offers blazing fast speeds all day long. Also, the company does not restrict torrenting sessions but sharing/downloading via US servers is strictly prohibited.

Privacy Settings – VPNLand secures your sessions with 128-2048 bit encryption which is delivered via OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols. The high level of encryption available provides robust protection against identity theft, snooping and hacking threats while keeping your online sessions shielded from the eyes of the government and intelligence agencies. The service even protects your credit card numbers, social accounts and passwords while you are connected to an open Wi-Fi network at a public place.

VPNLand doesn’t monitor the online activities of its subscribers. However, the company records connection details (date/time of connection, bandwidth used) for a period of 5 days for troubleshooting and monitoring purposes. Although the company does not share subscriber data with third parties, it reserves the right to inform the police if a subscriber is found to be involved in criminal activities.

Supported Operating Systems – VPNLand is available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Mac, iPod, Android, Blackberry, iPhones, Linux, iPads as well as DD-WRT routers. There is a basic dialer client available for Windows but users of other devices and systems would need to configure the service manually by following the step-by-step instructions available on the company’s website. The company offers pre-configured routers which makes it incredibly easy to setup the service on gaming consoles, Smart TVs, Apple TV and a host of other devices.

Customer Support – VPNLand offers customer support via email and support tickets. In addition, live chat and phone support is available during office hours. The provider has also posted useful troubleshooting information on its website so you should have no problem in fixing common VPN errors on your own.

Pricing Options – VPNLand offers several different types of VPN plans:

a) Regular VPN – Access to all servers, unmetered bandwidth, starts from $15/month, $40/quarter, $49.99/year and $99.98 for 2 years.

b) Poker VPN – Perfect for poker players, Toronto Residential IP address with incoming port mapping, Up to 100 Mbit/sec speed available, costs $75/month, $420 for six months and $825 per year.

c) Premium VPN – Perfect for streaming, P2P and gaming, up to 1 Gbit/s speed available for streaming and gaming and 50 Mbit/s for torrenting, starts from $50 per month, $120 per quarter and $400 per year.

d) Remote Desktop + Dedicated IP – 24/7 availability, ideal for poker or as a remote desktop, high capacity storage and multiple locations available, costs $100 a month.

At the time of this review, the company does not offer free trials or refunds (refunds are available only if you are unable to use the service) so the only way to test the service is to subscribe to a monthly plan.

Final Verdict – VPNLand offers everything that one expects from a premium VPN service. They offer a regular VPN service that seems quite reasonable. The company also offer some plans that are targeted at very specific use cases, but you’ll be paying a very pretty penny in order to get those services. If you are looking for the standard geo-IP unblocking services, I’d recommend the regular VPN service. However, if you need something else like for Poker VP of P2P gaming, you might want to consider one of their premium plans. For more information, please visit: www.vpnland.com.

June 18, 2015

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