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VPNHQ Review – Security And Privacy At Its Best

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

VPNHQ is brought to you by UK2Group, a London based company, which is an established player in security and hosting market. The UK2Group has several reputed companies, including Midphase, UK2 and WestHost, under its belt and has a customer base in over 75 countries. UK2Group launched VPNHQ is 2012 with an aim to deliver a very high quality VPN service and established a footprint in the fast growing VPN market. In the VPNHQ Review below, we take a look at VPNHQ’s features and decide what makes it worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

VPNHQ has its servers spread across 10 cities in 6 different countries – United States (Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington D.C.), United Kingdom (London and Manchester), France (Paris), Japan (Tokyo), Germany (Frankfurt) and Netherlands (Amsterdam). While the choice of server locations is not as extensive as some other providers, using the service would allow you to unblock location restricted sites like BBC, iTV, ABC, Hulu, HBO On Demand, Eurosport, Rara, Netflix, ESPN, Pandora, Spotify, Demand 5, Amazon Prime, 4OD, Xfinity and Fox from any country in the world. Since the company allows unlimited server switches every month, you are free to unlock all the above sites (and several more from the above countries) with just one subscription plan. The service would also help you to get rid of censorship imposed by certain countries (China, Middle East) and organizations and unlock your favorite social networking, VOIP, email, blogging and video sites like YouTube, Skype, Facebook Gmail and Blogger without revealing your IP address or any other other personal detail.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

VPNHQ provides blazing fast speeds and unrestricted bandwidth to all its VPN subscribers. The company does not have impose any restriction on speed or bandwidth regardless of whether you use the service for streaming, downloading, gaming, VOIP or just browsing.

Privacy Settings

Being a security company, VPNHQ knows the importance of protecting customer data. The company does not distribute, rent or sell user information to third parties under any circumstances. The company does not capture details of users’ online activities so the service can be used for sensitive work.

The company offers an impregnable layer of security through L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. For added protection, the company also includes an additional firewall protection with each VPN subscription. Due to high level of security available, the service can be used to secure FTP, emailing, messaging, VOIP, browsing and streaming sessions from home, office or public Wi-Fi hotspots. Wireless networks available at commercial establishments like coffee shops, malls, airports, book shops and libraries use a bare minimum level of security so you need to take utmost precaution while using them. Many people are not aware of this but hackers and cyber criminal often use low security Wi-Fi networks to steal passwords, credit card data, bank login details and social accounts.

Supported Operating Systems

VPNHQ is available for most common devices and operating systems. The service works with Windows/OS X/ Linux based computers, Android Smartphones and Tablets as well as iOS based devices like iPads and iPhones. The setup is simple and it should not take more than 5 minutes to install/configure the service on any device. In case you are not able to set up the service, you can refer to the detailed setup instructions available at VPNHQ’s official site. The service can also be used with Smart TVs, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii by means of DD-WRT routers.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through phone, chat and email. The live chat and telephone support is available only during business hours but the email based support is available 24 hours a day.

Pricing Options

VPNHQ offers a monthly subscription for $7 a month. The company does not offer refunds but it does offer a 30 day free trial to enable you to test the service to its fullest extent.

Final Verdict

Overall, VPNHQ fairs well on most security and speed parameters. The company offers a good choice of server locations as well as security and speed to satisfy even the most demanding VPN users. So if you are looking for a VPN service that has the backing of a reputed security company, check out the VPN plans from VPNHQ. For more information, please visit: www.vpnhq.com.

June 12, 2013

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