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VPNGeeks Review – (This Service Has Unexpectedly Stopped Working!!!)

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

NOTE!!! It was brought to our reader attention that VPN Geeks has stopped service. They have not responded to customer and/or VPN Coupons requests to see if they are working. While this issue gets sorted out, we would advise that you try contacting them prior to buying.

VPNGeeks is a well know proxy and VPN service provider. Founded in 2010, VPNGeeks is based in US and aims to deliver best privacy solution to its customers. In the VPNGeeks Review below, we review the company’s VPN service and help you to decide if it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

VPNGeeks has servers in 5 different countries – United States (Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami and Chicago), United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden and Ukraine. Although the company doesn’t have servers in important VPN markets like Canada, using the service would allow you to unlock premium GEO-IP restricted content available only within these 5 countries. No sooner than you connect to VPNGeeks’ servers, you would be able to unlock content-rich services like Netflix, ABC, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, iTV, HBO On Demand, MTV, Fox, CWTV, NBC, CBS, Demand 5, Amazon Prime videos, Spotify, Rara, 4OD, Eurosport, NFL, MLB, Xfinity and Vudu regardless of your current location. The service also works as a privacy solution for those who want to access popular sites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube and Skype from behind restrictive environments (corporate firewalls or countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Qatar, Bahrain and Brazil). Since the company permits unlimited server switching, you can unlock local content from multiple countries with just one VPN subscription.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

VPNGeeks does not impose any kind of speed or bandwidth restrictions upon its users. The lack of throttling means the service is ideal for downloading huge files, making long VOIP calls, streaming tons of HD content as well as playing online games. However, the company recommends that you keep your data transfer below 2 GB per day so that everyone gets optimum speeds.

Privacy Settings

VPNGeeks offers 128- 2048 bit encryption through PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. Since the PPTP protocol supports a lower level of encryption but offers good speeds, it is considered ideal for streaming and other resource hungry activities. On the other hand, the use of OpenVPN protocol is recommended for online sessions where security is of paramount importance (financial transactions, social networking etc.).

The service protects your personal data and financial accounts from theft and hacking even when you are connected to low security Wi-Fi hotspots that have mushroomed up at most airports, shopping malls, public parks, coffee shops and hotels. The company keeps connection logs for a period of 5 days but they are never used to spy on your online activities. The company respects customer privacy and does not hand over any personal data to 3rd parties or advertisers.

Supported Operating Systems

VPNGeeks’ VPN service works well with common operating systems and devices like Mac OS X, Windows (7, XP and Vista), Linux, iOS (used in iPads and iPhones) as well as Android based tablets and Smartphones. It is easy to set up the service on any device since the company provides detailed installation instructions for each system.

Customer Support

The company offers a ticket based support system. While the lack of live support is indeed disappointing, the support staff ensures that you get answers to your queries within a reasonable time. For quick resolution to technical problems, you may also refer to the troubleshooting instructions available at the knowledgebase section on the company’s official site.

Pricing Options

The price of VPNGeeks VPN plans varies according to the protocol chosen during the subscription process. The unlimited PPTP VPN plans are available from $3.50 per month ($10 for 3 months, $20 for 6 months and $40 for a year) while the OpenVPN plans are available for $8 Per Month ($20 for 3 months, $40 for 6 months and $60 for 12 months). The company also offers PPTP based dedicated IP plans starting from $9.99 a month. The company does not provide free trials or refunds so it is best to subscribe to one month plan first in order to test the service. However, the company may provide refund in special cases such as when a customer is unable to use the service for some reason.

Final Verdict

On the whole, VPNGeeks delivers good value for money. While the company does not have servers in many countries, it does offer high level of encryption along with great speeds. So if you are looking for a solid VPN service that delivers on its promises, check the plans from VPNGeeks today. For more information, please visit: www.vpngeeks.com.

July 4, 2013

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