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VPNAccounts Review – Totally Reliable VPN Service

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

VPNAccounts is a well established VPN service provider. The service was launched in the year 2007 with an aim to deliver the most robust anonymity solution to customers. In the detailed VPNAccounts Review below, we will check all the features of the service and decide if it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

VPNAccounts has servers in 8 different countries – United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong. While the company’s collection of server locations is not as extensive as provided by some other providers, using the service is a great way to access location specific sites and streaming services from above 8 countries and to bypass firewalls and censorship imposed by local ISPs, governments and organizations. Once you are connected to VPNAccounts’ servers, you would be able to unlock premium sites like Netflix, Facebook, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ABC, CBS, CBC, CWTV, NBC, NFL, Gmail, YouTube, MTV, Zattoo, Spotify, Rara, Wilmaa, Twitter, Mio TV, MyTV, iTV, Xfinity, Demand 5, Fox, 4OD, Vudu and Skype from any location; even from countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Brazil. What’s more, you get unlimited server switching options with each subscription plan so you can unlock local content from several countries with just one VPN account.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

VPNAccounts delivers unlimited speed and unmetered bandwidth to its customers. The company does not overload its servers which means users are free to download content, stream movies, make VOIP calls and play online games without worrying about throttling or any other kind of limit. However, the company does not allow torrenting or peer to peer sharing and the staff actively blocks all torrent sites and applications at server level itself.

Privacy Settings

VPNAccounts offers industry standard encryption through PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols. The level of security on offer is adequate to protect most online activities like messaging, emailing, browsing, FTP and VOIP and even to secure personal data like credit card numbers, passwords and social accounts from hacking while using low security Wi-Fi networks. It is widely known that free-to-use wireless networks at malls, airports, hotels, coffee shops, public parks and libraries use a very low level of security so you need to use a reliable security solution to protect your data and identity from cyber criminals.

The company records connection details (time, date, location, duration and bandwidth used) to monitor their server network and prevent abuse. The logs do not contain browsing habits of individual users and they are regularly recycled from the servers. Under no circumstances, the personal data of users is sold to advertisers or third parties.

Supported Operating Systems

VPNAccounts works well with Windows (7, 8, XP, Vista), Mac OS, Linux, iPads, iPhones, Windows Mobile devices as well as Android Smartphones and tablets. The setup is extremely simple and you don’t need to download or install any software to get the system running. In case you are not confident about VPN configuration, you can refer to the detailed setup instructions available on the company’s website. The company allows 2 concurrent connections per VPN account so you can use your account from your computer and mobile device simultaneously. The company even permits bulk email campaigns to opt-in lists but you need to get approval from the Abuse department of the company before launching such campaigns.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through a ticketing system. You can also refer to the FAQ section of the company’s site in case you face technical or connectivity problems since solutions to many common VPN problems are already available there.

Pricing Options

VPNAccounts’ unlimited plans start from $19 a month ($49 per quarter, $89 for 6 months and $129 for a year). Besides availing term discounts, you can also save money by using VPNAccounts promo codes and coupons. Although the company does not offer free trials, it does provide refunds if the refund requests are made within 7 days of joining the service. You also need to remember that all the payments are recurring so you will have to cancel your subscription manually in case you do not wish to continue with the service.

Final Verdict

Overall, VPNAccounts provides a better than average VPN service. While the company’s VPN plans may appear expensive, it does provide a great service that works from all corners of the world. So if you are looking for a totally reliable VPN service, check the offers from VPNAccounts today. For more information, please visit: www.vpnaccounts.com.

July 4, 2013

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