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 VPNAccount Review – SSTP Based Free VPN Service

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

VPNAccount is a US based VPN service provider that offers free SSTP based VPN service. Of late, SSTP based privacy services have become extremely popular due to their simplicity, high performance and efficiency. Launched in 2013, VPNAccount is one of the very few service providers that offers only SSTP based VPN accounts. In this detailed VPNAccount Review we’ll detail features to let you know if this is the right service for you.

Server Locations & Site Access – VPNAccount has deployed its servers in 3 countries – United Kingdom, United States and Canada. The service allows its customers to unlock IP restricted streaming websites that are available only in the above 3 countries. Here is a list of few premium websites that you would be able to unlock through VPNAccount:

Netflix, TSN, Demand 5, BBC iPlayer, FOX, Bravo, Eurosport, USA Network, Global TV, Xfinity, Hulu, Lovefilm, The Comedy Network, Vevo, E!, NBC, HBO Go, Vudu, MTV, Sky Go, Spacecast, 4OD, NHL, Star TV, Amazon Prime, MLB, UK TV, City TV, Pandora, STV, CWTV, TNT, CBC, iTV Player, CBS, CTV, ABC Player and Much Music.

Apart from unlocking local and premium services, you can use the service to circumvent firewalls and censorship at your school, workplace or at a foreign location like China, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Brazil or Thailand. Since VPNAccount encrypts your traffic, your online activities remain totally anonymous and hidden from the local ISP and network administrator. After connecting to the service, you can access Gmail, Facebook, Skype, Facetime, YouTube and Twitter even if these services are not available at your current location.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – Despite being a free VPN service, VPNAccount offers fast speeds and unrestricted bandwidth to everyone. In fact, the provider guarantees a minimum speed of 10 Mbit/s which is really impressive. Although this cannot be compared to the speeds offered by paid VPN solutions, the service delivers sufficient speeds for activities like streaming, VOIP, gaming and downloading.

Privacy Settings – VPNAccount offers extremely secure privacy service with 2048 bit encryption. The service routes HTTP traffic through SSL layer making it almost impossible to detect or blocked by firewalls. As soon as you enable the service, your data and browsing sessions get encrypted and your online activities become invisible to ISPs, data snoopers, hackers and sniffing programs. This also ensures that your private data doesn’t leak to criminals who often steal data from Wi-Fi users.

The privacy policy of VPNAccount is not exactly clear. Like most VPN services, VPNAccount might be capturing timestamp and bandwidth details but it wouldn’t really be a surprise if they are also logging personal details like IP address. Since the provider is based in US, the company needs to comply with data requests from law enforcement agencies.

Supported Operating Systems – VPNAccount works only on Windows 7 and 8. This is the limitation of SSTP protocol itself and not something that has been enforced by the provider. There is no VPN client available but the provider does provide step-by-step installation instructions.

Customer Support – VPNAccount does not offer customer support to its subscribers. While this may seem strange, you have to consider that the company is not charging anything for its service so they have no incentive to offer support to thousands of people who might be using the solution.

Pricing Options – As mentioned earlier, VPNAccount provides a totally free VPN service to its members. To use the solution, you don’t have to provide your personal or payment details so the service is totally anonymous and hassle free.

Final Verdict – VPNAccount is a basic, no-frills VPN solution that doesn’t cost anything. While the service doesn’t include advanced features that come with paid VPN solutions, it allows Windows users to secure their internet without having to pay anything. Test drive the service today if you are looking for a secure and free VPN solution. For more information, please visit: www.vpnaccount.org.

November 26, 2014

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