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VPNAbroad Review – Get IP Addresses From 4 Different Countries

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

VPNAbroad is a privacy service provider that has been around for more than 5 years. The company offers affordable privacy and anonymity services to customers from all over the world. This VPNAbroad Review will focus on VPNAbroad’s features so that you can make a subscription decision.

Server Locations & Site Access

VPNAbroad has VPN gateways in 4 countries – Germany, United States, Netherlands and United Kingdom. The service assigns a new IP address (from one of the above 4 countries) to its customers so they would be able to access country restricted local services and On-Demand content that is available just to the residents of these 4 countries. For example, VPNAbroad’s customers can unblock Netflix, 4OD, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, RTL, Spotify, NBC, Sky Go, Rara, Pandora, HBO Go, Eurosport, ProSieben, Deezer, Amazon Prime, Xfinity, MLB, Vudu, Das Erste, RTVNH, CBS, Demand 5, Lovefilm, Arte, Film1, Vox, TV Lab, UK TV, Sport1, Sat.1, AT5, STV, FOX, USA Network, Vevo, iTV, MTV, CWTV, ABC, TNT and NHL from anywhere without facing “Content Unavailable” message. The service can also be used as an anti-censorship solution to access blocked websites like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Viber and GTalk from restrictive countries (China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Brazil), offices or schools. What’s more, VPNAbroad permits unlimited number of sever switches so you would be able to access local content from up to 4 different countries with just one subscription.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth

VPNAbroad provides unlimited speed and bandwidth VPN plans to its customers. Unlike ISPs or some other VPN providers, the company doesn’t throttle speed or restrict bandwidth so it is possible to enjoy streaming, downloading, VOIP and gaming activities without facing any restrictions. The service even allows P2P activities from German and Dutch servers so you can protect your bittorrenting sessions from ISP spying.

Privacy Settings

VPNAbroad protects your data and privacy with 128 bit encryption. While the level of encryption available is somewhat lower than what is delivered by other VPN companies, it provides adequate level of protection from all types of surveillance, monitoring and snooping. The service also protects your sensitive data (Credit card number, passwords etc) from hackers and sniffing programs when you are using Wi-Fi facilities provided by coffee shops, malls, airports or book shops.

VPNAbroad does not monitor online sessions (DNS lookups, list of sites visited etc) of customers; it only records bandwidth, session duration and access attempts to its servers. The company does not share personal details of subscribers with third parties unless it is ordered to do so by a court.

Supported Operating Systems

VPNAbroad works with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPads, iPhones and Windows mobile devices. Since the company doesn’t offer a proprietary VPN solution, the configuration needs to be done manually. The company has published detailed setup instructions for Windows users but users of other systems would need to refer to other sources for setting up the service. All VPNAbroad customers get access to HTTP proxies at no extra cost.

Customer Support

VPNAbroad provides customer support only through email. Unfortunately, the company has not published any kind of troubleshooting information on its portal so you must contact the support staff even for minor problems.

Pricing Options

VPNAbroad offers 3 different plans:

Basic – Access to gateways from US, UK, Germany and Netherlands; Shared IPs, OpenVPN not available, costs $3.99 per month.
Standard – Access to UK server, Public IPs, all protocols available, costs $7.99 per month.
Advanced – Access to UK server, Dedicated IPs, all protocols available, costs $11.99 per month.

VPNAbroad does not offer free trials but you can get your money back if you request for refund within 48 hours of signing up.

Final Verdict

Overall, VPNAbroad has nothing special to offer. The service delivers an affordable service but it lacks advanced security and dedicated support options that come with other VPN services. We recommend VPNAbroad only to those who are looking for an extremely cheap privacy solution. For more information, please visit: www.vpnabroad.com.

September 6, 2014

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