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VPN Unlimited Review – Virtually Reside in 28 Different Countries

Monday, November 9th, 2015

VPN Unlimited is a privacy offering from New York based Simplex Solutions Inc. The anonymity service is backed by KeepSolid Inc. which offers multiple security products, including Private Browser and HotSpot Protector, to its customers. In this VPN Unlimited review, we will explore the features of the service and decide whether it is worth using.

Server Locations & Site Access – VPN Unlimited has got VPN servers in most major countries of the world. The provider boasts of 38 data centers in 28 different countries. Here is the list of countries where the company has deployed at least one VPN server:

United States, Australia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, Japan, Russia, Israel, France, Luxembourg, Isle of Man, Germany, Chile, Hong Kong, South Africa, Italy, Finland, Brazil, Romania, Singapore, Switzerland, Panama, Sweden, Ukraine, Spain, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

The massive geographical presence of the company can help subscribers in unlocking a variety of local and On-Demand streaming services. By connecting to a server from your preferred location, you can unblock GEO-IP restricted services like Netflix, HBO Now, Canal+, BBC iPlayer, Singtel TV, Amazon Instant Videos, WimpMusic, Lovefilm, Foxtel Play, Rai TV, TNT, Rara, Deezer, Direct 8, RTL, TV Asahi, Channel Ten, ABC Player, Russia TV, Eurosport, HBO Go, Hulu, City TV, Spotify, Spacecast, ABC iView, MTV, TVB, The Comedy Network, Vudu, Voddler, Zattoo, Arte, Xfinity, iTV Player, FOX, CBC, CBS, TV Japan, Wilmaa, USA Network, Demand 5, CTV, Sky Go, TV Tokyo, Pandora, Global TV, Bravo, 4OD, Much Music, NHL, CWTV, TSN, MyTV, Vevo, MLB and NBC from any geographical area of the world. Also, since the service hides your online sessions from local ISPs as well as network administrators, you would be able to access frequently blocked services like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Gmail, Viber, YouTube and Line from your workplace, university or a country where censorship levels are very high (for example, Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, Qatar, Thailand and Brazil).

While the company allows unlimited server switching, customers based in China would be able to use only a limited number of servers (USA, UK and Asia) due to restrictions set by the Chinese government.

VPN Speed & Bandwidth – VPN Unlimited provides high-speed connections and unlimited bandwidth to all of its subscribers. Since the service doesn’t throttle speeds or impose monthly quotas, subscribers can use it to download big files, stream tons of HD TV shows and movies, play MMORPG games and make international calls through VOIP without facing any restrictions. As an added benefit, the provider even permits legal torrent traffic from some of its servers.

Privacy Settings – VPN Unlimited secures data sessions with L2TP/IPSec /OpenVPN protocol and encrypts them with AES-CBC-128/AES-256 encryption. The high level of encryption not only protects unsecured Wi-Fi sessions at public places but also secures the private data of users from state sponsored surveillance and the malicious botnets run by online criminals. Additionally, the service protects all types of online sessions (FTP, browsing, mail, instant messaging) so you get end-to-end protection no matter what you are doing online.

VPN Unlimited does not monitor or log any type of user activity. However, the provider does capture session date and total amount of traffic per session for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes. The company doesn’t disclose private data of users to third parties unless it is served with a court notice.

Supported Operating Systems – VPN Unlimited works on popular platforms like Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iPads, iPhones and Android devices. The company offers apps for all Operating Systems so users don’t have to tinker with network settings or create new network connections in order to use the service. For Android users, there is a special stealth mode available which offers enhanced protection. The service can be used from up to 5 devices simultaneously so you can secure your laptops, Smartphones and tablets with just one subscription.

Customer Support – KeepSolid Inc. provides customer support via email and live chat. Additionally, there are troubleshooting instructions available in the knowledgebase section which can help you to fix common technical issues.

Pricing Options – VPN Unlimited subscription costs $1.99 for 10 days, $3.99 for a month, $7.99 for 3 months, $23.99 for a year and $64.99 for 3 years. There is also a 10-day free trial available so new subscribers can test drive the service before committing to a long term plan.

Final Verdict – Overall, VPN Unlimited manages to deliver on most parameters. The service not only provides fast connection speeds and high level of security but also makes it possible to virtually reside at dozens of different locations. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending the service to VPNCoupons readers. For more information, please visit: www.vpnunlimitedapp.com.

November 9, 2015

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