VPN Rankings
One question that we always receive from our users is which is the best VPN service provider? While the answer is surely a personal preference, we’ve taken some time to review some of the companies that we like the best. After compiling our own feedback as well as from the response from our users, we have come up with the first ever VPN Provider Rankings! The basis of our rankings took a few criteria into consideration, including price, customer service, download limits, reliability, and ease of use.
The following are the results of our annual VPN Rankings:
Official Top 10 VPN Provider Rankings 2020!
Ranking (raw score)VPN Service ProviderProduct ReviewLowest Price/MonthVisit Site
1 (100)HideMyAssHide My Ass Review$6.55VISIT HideMyAss
1 (100)IPVanishIPVanish Review$6.49VISIT IPVanish
2 (99)ProXPNProXPN Review$3.75 [with VPNC62 Coupon]VISIT ProXPN
3 (98)VyprVPN (Golden Frog)VyprVPN (Golden Frog) Review$9.99VISIT VyprVPN (Golden Frog)
4 (97)ExpressVPNExpressVPN Review$8.32VISIT ExpressVPN
4 (97)StrongVPNStrongVPN Review$4.58VISIT StrongVPN
5 (95)PureVPNPureVPN Review$6.24VISIT PureVPN
5 (95)Invisible Browsing VPNInvisible Browsing VPN Review$4.95VISIT Invisible Browsing VPN
5 (95)OverPlay VPNOverPlay VPN Review$4.95VISIT OverPlay VPN
5 (95)Cactus VPNCactus VPN Review$4.99VISIT Cactus VPN
5 (95)Switch VPNSwitch VPN Review$5.95VISIT Switch VPN
6 (94)BlackLogic VPNBlackLogic VPN Review$8.33VISIT BlackLogic VPN
6 (94)VPN TunnelVPN Tunnel Review2,00 EurosVISIT VPN Tunnel
6 (94)Hideaway VPNHideaway VPN Review5,95 EurosVISIT Hideaway VPN
6 (94)HideIPVPNHideIPVPN Review$4.58HideIPVPN
7 (93)Private Internet AccessPrivate Internet Access Review$3.32VISIT Private Internet Access
7 (93)WorldVPNWorldVPN Review$5.00VISIT WorldVPN
7 (93)12VPN12VPN Review$6.58VISIT 12VPN
8 (92)Banana VPNBanana VPN Review$8.33VISIT Banana VPN
10 (90)BolehVPNBolehVPN Review$7.15VISIT BolehVPN
10 (90)VPN SecureVPN Secure Review$3.95VISIT VPN Secure
We will continue to expand upon this list and add more as found throughout the year. Many thanks to all of our viewers and for helping to provide the information to make the most accurate and useful rankings. We hope that you can get the best VPN client for your needs. If you are a VPN Provider and would like for us to take your service into consideration for our next ranking, please contact us.