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VPN-PPTP Review – Get A Dutch IP Address

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

VPN-PPTP is a France based privacy service that has been around for more than 3 years. Launched in 2011, the service provides anonymity and privacy on the internet regardless of your current location or the network/ISP that you might be using. This VPN-PPTP Review will highlight the key features of the service so that you can make an informed subscription decision.

Server Locations and Site Access

As of now, VPN-PPTP has deployed its servers in just one country – Netherlands. Although customers looking for US and UK IPs may not find the service useful, it would definitely help those who wish to get rid of online censorship or access Dutch content from anywhere. The service allows you to access mainstream sites like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Gmail and YouTube that are banned in many countries (for instance, China, Brazil, Middle eastern countries) as well as access Netherlands based On-Demand premium sites like Spotify, Rara, RTVNH, Deezer, Sport1, TV Lab, AT5 and Film1 from any country in the world. For Dutch expats and tourists, the service makes it possible to access banking, ecommerce and media sites from their home country which requires a Dutch IP address.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

VPN-PPTP offers high speed, metered plans to its customers. Although the bandwidth is capped at 350 GB per month, it is sufficient for activities like streaming and gaming. The company’s servers are connected to 1 GBPS nodes so you can stream HD content, download big files, make VOIP calls and play games online without experiencing speed issues. The service even allows bittorrenting and P2P activities so you can share and download content without worrying about getting monitored by your ISP.

Privacy Settings

VPN-PPTP supports PPTP and L2TP/IPSec VPN protocols. While these two protocols (especially PPTP) are not at par with OpenVPN as far as security is concerned, they do provide excellent compatibility with computers, mobile devices and routers. The service secures all kinds of online sessions (FTP, browsing, VOIP, IM) from surveillance and snooping plus it even protects your unsecured Wi-Fi sessions from hackers when you connect to the internet from malls, airports, hotels and coffee shops.

The logging policy of VPN-PPTP is extremely simple. The company does not keep any kind of traffic logs; it just records bandwidth and timestamp details. Moreover, the company respects the privacy of the customers and it won’t share subscriber data with third parties or advertisers.

Supported Operating Systems

VPN-PPTP works flawlessly on a wide variety of Operating Systems and devices including iPhones, Windows, Android, iPads, Linux and Mac. The company does not provide its own client (except for Android) so the VPN configuration needs to be done manually. The setup tutorials are available only for Windows so you would need to refer to other sources to configure the service for other Operating Systems.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support only through email. The company’s official site does not provide any kind of troubleshooting information so you would need to contact the support staff even for minor issues.

Pricing Options

VPN-PPTP offers a free 24 hour VPN trial to all new customers. Paid subscriptions for the service are available from 3.5 Euros per month. You can also get a refund if you are not happy with the service and file a refund request within 48 hours of subscribing.

Final Verdict

VPN-PPTP offers a simple yet reliable VPN service. While the company caps the bandwidth and does not provide sufficient documentation on its website, it has good infrastructure in place. We recommend the service to customers who need a Dutch IP address or those who are not getting satisfactory service from their existing VPN provider. For more information, please visit: www.vpn-pptp.com.

June 11, 2014

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