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Viking VPN Review – Cutting Edge Security And Privacy For Everyone

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Viking VPN is a premium privacy solution from Viking Connections LLC. The Kansas City, US based company launched its VPN service in 2013 to prevent government agencies from spying on the online activities of innocent citizens. In this extremely detailed Viking VPN Review, you will learn more about the prominent features of the Viking VPN service and discover how it keeps your privacy safe on the internet.

Server Locations and Site Access

Viking VPN doesn’t really offer a vast choice of server locations. At present, the company has VPN servers in just 2 countries – United States (New York, Chicago and Phoenix) and Netherlands (Amsterdam). The subscribers of the service would be able to unblock their favorite American and Dutch On-Demand sites such as Netflix, Rara, Hulu, Deezer, Pandora, CWTV, USA Network, HBO Go, NBC, Spotify, Amazon Prime, TNT, Xfinity, ABC, Sport1, MLB, MTV, Film1, NHL, AT5, Vudu, FOX, CBS, TV Lab, RTVNH and Vevo from any country in the world. What’s more, the service allows you to access your favorite social networking, video, email and VOIP sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Skype and GTalk from behind corporate and school firewalls as well as from heavily censored locations like Saudi Arabia, China, Brazil, Kuwait, UAE and Thailand. Also, since the company permits unlimited server switching, you can unlock local content and streaming sites from both US and NL with just one VPN account.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Viking VPN does not throttle speed or manipulate traffic in any way. The company has deployed clusters of VPN servers at Tier-1 datacenters which is why it is able to deliver robust speeds and superior connectivity. Due to unmetered bandwidth delivered by the company, the service is tailor made for activities such as streaming HD videos, VOIP, downloading, torrenting and online gaming. Speaking of torrenting, the company allows P2P sessions from within its network.

Privacy Settings

Viking VPN delivers very level of privacy by using the OpenVPN protocol and encrypting data with 256 CBC bit AES encryption (with 4096 bit RSA keys). The military grade encryption ensures that your extremely important details like Credit Card numbers, IP address, bank accounts, ecommerce activities and social account information remains safe from surveillance as well as data, monetary and identify theft. The privacy solution is capable to protecting multiple types of online sessions (browsing, FTP, VOIP, IRC, emailing) with a single tunnel and it also ensures that hackers and sniffing programs are not able to sniff your data while you are using Wi-Fi facilities at airports, shopping malls, coffee shops, book shops and hotels. The company even uses an advanced 2048 bit HMAC firewall to filter out viruses, spywares and malicious programs at server level itself.

The company does not log subscriber activity, IP addresses or timestamp. However, the provider does collect bandwidth usage to troubleshoot problems and keep its server network in the best possible condition.

Supported Operating Systems

Viking VPN works on Windows, Mac OS X, iPads, iPhones, Android and Linux. The great thing about the service is that is supports OpenVPN on all systems (even on Android and iOS devices) to deliver a foolproof level of security. After subscribing, you need to download and install the OpenVPN client and use it with the configuration files provided by the company. The company provides step by step instructions and video tutorials to guide you through the installation process. The company even permits up to 3 simultaneous connections per account so you would be able to secure multiple devices at the same time.

Customer Support

Viking VPN offers support only through support tickets. While the lack of live chat support is indeed a downside, the support staff promises to respond to all queries within 24 hours (usually much faster).

Pricing Options

Viking VPN’s plans are available from $14.95 per month, $71.7 for 6 months and $119.88 for 12 months. The company donates $1 per month per subscription to Electronic Frontier Foundation to show its commitment towards online privacy. Unfortunately, the company does not offer free trials or refunds so the only way to test the service is to subscribe to its plans.

Final Verdict

Viking VPN is committed to defend internet privacy at all costs. While the service is definitely expensive than its peers, it offers superior speeds and military grade security to its subscribers. So if you are looking for a VPN provider that does not compromise on performance or privacy, subscribe to Viking VPN today. For more information, please visit: www.vikingvpn.com.

April 21, 2014

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