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VersaVPN Review – All-In-One VPN Provider [updated in June 2014]

Monday, June 10th, 2013

VersaVPN is a new VPN provider in the teeming VPN marketplace. Founded in 2010, the service is brought to you by a Philippines based company. The team behind the service has lots of experience in VPN technology and aims to deliver enterprise level security to personal internet users. In this VersaVPN Review, we take a look at some of the most distinguishing features offered by the service and decide whether it is worth the subscription money.

Server Locations and Site Access

VersaVPN has servers in 11 different countries – Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK), and the United States of America (USA). The geographically spread out server network would be of immense help to those who wish to bypass country based restrictions while accessing sites like Hulu, Zattoo, ABC, iTV, BBC iPlayer, Fox, MTV, HBO On Demand, Netflix, 4OD, Spotify, Demand 5, CTV, NFL, Eurosport, Pandora, CBS and NBC. Moreover, VersaVPN’s premium subscribers can switch servers at any time so they can unlock local content from all the 14 countries listed above (the free subscribers get access to US servers). The service is also perfect for those who wish to access their favorite sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype etc. from behind their company’s firewalls or from countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Brazil, UAE and Qatar.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

VersaVPN does not impose any kind of speed or bandwidth limit on its premium subscribers. The premium subscribers can enjoy high speeds through 1 Gbit nodes while the free subscribers are limited to just 300 Kbps. The high speeds available are ideal for downloading big files, VOIP, streaming HD movies/TV shows and playing games online. The company limits only 20 subscribers per VPN server so that all the users get best speeds even for resource intensive activities.

Privacy Settings

As soon as you are connected to VersaVPN servers, you will get a new and secure IP address plus your incoming/outgoing traffic would become totally secure and encrypted. The service uses the most secure VPN protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP) to deliver unmatched security to its customers. The premium subscribers get access to all three protocols while the free subscribers get access to just OpenVPN protocol.

The high level of security available can be used to secure different kinds of online activities like browsing, FTP, emailing, messaging and VOIP. The service is also ideal for those who wish to secure their online purchases, bank information and social accounts while using Wi-Fi connections. Most commercial wireless implementations (at airports, public parks, coffee shops and malls) are considered to be vulnerable to hacking and snooping so it makes sense to use extra precautions while using them.

VersaVPN does not keep logs of premium account holders’ activities but it does record browsing details for free account holders. The user information is never sold or handed over to third parties or advertisers.

Supported Operating Systems

VersaVPN is compatible with Windows (8/7/Vista/XP), iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android (Smartphone/tablet), Linux (Fedora/Ubuntu) operating systems as well as wide variety of routers, consoles and mobile devices (Xbox 360, Apple TV, Tomato Router, DDWRT Router, Draytek Routers, Meego, Boxee, Windows Mobile, Nokia and Maemo). The company offers an easy to install VPN client for Windows which should be of immense help for PC subscribers. Even for other operating systems and devices, the setup is easy and it should not take more than few minutes to get the service up and running.

Customer Support

The company provides round the clock support through email, support ticket, forum and live chat. The support staff can also provide support through Teamviewer in case you are not able to use the service for some reason. The company claims to reply to 99% of tickets within 30 minutes which is an excellent turnaround time. For those who love to experiment, the company provides excellent documentation and video tutorials to help them figure out technical problems on their own.

Pricing Options

VersaVPN offers shared and dedicated IP plans to its customers. The shared IP plans start from $5 per month while the dedicated IP plans start from $12 per month. The price of dedicated plans also depends on the server country so it is advisable to check the latest prices at the company’s website. The company also offers a free plan but it comes with lots of limitations (speed throttling, access to just US server, limited choice of protocols, logging of activities etc.). The company has a 5 day refund policy for new premium plan subscribers.

Final Verdict

On the whole, VersaVPN is an excellent VPN provider. While the service is new, it has set a high bar that sets it apart from its competitors. So if you are looking for an all-in-one VPN provider, don’t forget to check the VPN offers from VersaVPN. For more information, please visit: www.versavpn.com.

June 10, 2013

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