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Unlock NCIS: Los Angeles From Abroad

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

NCIS: Los Angeles is a police procedural and military drama TV series which premiered on CBS in September’ 2009. The series focuses on criminal cases handled by Office of Special Projects (OSP) which is a secret division of Naval Criminal Investigative Service of Los Angeles. G. Callen is the Special Agent in Charge of the OSP and he is also looking for his family in addition to solving the crimes. Sam Hanna is G’s partner and a former Navy SEAL who works undercover despite having a family. Together, the team must investigate and solve challenging crimes occurring in Los Angeles. The show is a spinoff of the immensely popular NCIS TV series and it has received a positive response from the critics as well as audiences. The seventh season of the series premiered in September’ 2015. In this article we’ll be going over how you can watch the show from anywhere, even outside of the US and abroad.

Where Can You Watch NCIS: Los Angeles?

Apart from watching the series on TV on Monday nights at 10 PM, you can also stream it on mobile devices via this link.

Unfortunately, the above link is GEO-IP restricted and works only from within United States. When international viewers (including American expats, tourists and students based abroad) click on it, they are presented with the following message:


While the viewers may consider such geographical restrictions as unnecessary, they are immensely important for content creators like CBS. American content providers usually tie up with local satellite channels in order to distribute their shows abroad. These partnerships are often governed by content sharing agreements which prohibit American content creators from broadcasting their shows outside US through any means. To honor the content sharing agreements, CBS needs to screen IP addresses of all the viewers and permit only the visitors having a US IP address to watch its shows online.

How To Watch NCIS: Los Angeles From Anywhere?

Since NCIS: Los Angeles is such a popular series, it has got fans all over the world. If you are based outside United States but would like to stream the series nevertheless, there are several options available for you. Since the geographical restrictions deployed by CBS are based on IP addresses, it is possible to bypass them by using IP/DNS changing solutions like VPNs and SmartDNS services. Here is a brief guide on how to unblock the series with a VPN:

Step 1) Subscribe to a fast and dependable VPN/SmartDNS service. For those who have never subscribed to such services before, here is a list of some trusted vendors:

Step 2) Once your order is verified by your service provider, you can go ahead and configure the service on a computer or mobile device. Most big VPN vendors offer pre-configured VPN clients but it is also possible to configure the service manually. For configuring a SmartDNS service, you would need to change the default DNS settings by navigating to Network Settings area of your device.

Step 3) Reboot the machine after saving all the changes. While rebooting mobile devices is not strictly required, you must at least stop the CBS app and then restart it.

Step 4) Start the VPN/SmartDNS service by navigating to the Network Connections area or by clicking on its desktop icon.

Step 5) When the connection is successfully established, your device would be assigned a new IP address by your service provider. Before you head to CBS website, take a minute to verify the location of your new IP. This is required since many VPN companies have their default servers located outside United States. If you get a non-US IP address by default, simply choose a US based server in order to get a US IP.

Step 6) Open the CBS app or your favorite browser and navigate to the homepage of NCIS: Los Angeles one again. Since you have a US IP now, CBS doesn’t have a reason to block you from watching the show.

March 20, 2016

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