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Unlock Heroes Reborn From Outside the USA

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Heroes Reborn is an event miniseries which currently airs on NBC. The series is actually a continuation of NBC’s Heroes TV series which aired from 2006-10. The series made its debut on 24th September’ 2015 and will end its run after 13 episodes. If you aren’t living in the US, don’t worry. Read on, and this article will go over how you can watch online from anywhere.

Heroes Reborn Plot

The series is set one year after a devastating terrorist attack destroyed the city of Odessa, Texas. Blaming those with extraordinary abilities for the devastation, the authorities are now hunting and killing them. Meanwhile, more and more folks are discovering their special powers and they will soon cross paths with the heroes of the past in order to save the world from an upcoming disaster.

How To Watch Heroes Reborn Online?

Apart from watching the miniseries on TV, you can also stream its episodes through this link.

However, the above link doesn’t work outside United States. If you try to stream the series from a non-US location, you would get redirected to a page showing the following message:


NBC has decided to impose geographical restrictions on Heroes Reborn since it has partnered with numerous content providers (including Global TV in Canada, Severn Network in Australia) to distribute the series abroad. While transferring the distribution rights to its partner channels, NBC has signed an exclusive agreement which forbids it from distributing the series outside US through any medium. To enforce these agreements, NBC checks IP address of all its viewers and only allows them to stream content if their IP happens to be from within US. These types of geo-restrictions also affect US expats and tourists since their local IPs cannot bypass the location checks conducted by NBC.

How To Watch Heroes Reborn From Anywhere?

In case you are looking for a way to stream Heroes Reborn from outside US, there is an extremely good news for you. Since NBC blocks access to the series by checking IP address of viewers, you can bypass their location blocking system simply by changing your IP address or DNS setting. These days there are plenty of VPN and SmartDNS solutions available which can help you to unblock US-restricted content from anywhere. Just follow the steps given below and you would be able to watch your favorite NBC shows in no time:

Step 1) Sign-up with a renowned SmartDNS or VPN service. Since there are hundreds of service providers offering these services, I have taken the liberty of choosing the best service providers for you. Here are the companies which offer US IPs or NBC-approved DNS settings at very reasonable rates:

Step 2) Configure the service on a laptop or mobile device by following the setup instructions provided by the company. In case your provider offers a VPN client, you just need to install it in order to use the service. Even if a pre-configured client is not available, you can easily configure the service by navigating to the Network Settings section of your device.

Step 3) Save all the changes to finish off the setup process. Also, remember to force stop the NBC app and restart it so that it can use the new network settings of the device.

Step 4) Double click on the desktop icon of the service to establish a connection with the VPN server. When the connection is established, you should see a “Connection Successful” message on the screen.

Step 5) Before you head to NBC website, take a minute to verify the location of your new IP address. Since VPN provides are expanding their services globally, it is no longer unusual for them to have their default servers located outside United States. In case your new IP address is still not from US, look for the nearest US based VPN server and use it as your VPN server of choice.

Step 6) Browse to the Heroes Reborn homepage once again and try to stream its episodes. Since your new IP is from US and you have cleared your old network settings, you should now be able to watch the episodes without any problem.

January 12, 2016

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