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Unlock Chicago Med From Outside US

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Chicago Med is a medical drama TV series which premiered on NBC in November’ 2015. The series is a spin-off series of the hit TV show Chicago Fire and its first season is going to have 18 episodes. Although the series has received mixed reviews from the critics, it is attracting a healthy number of viewers for each episode. Like Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., Chicago Med is set in the city of Chicago. The series focuses on the doctors working in Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and how they hold their nerves to save the lives of their patients. The series promises to be an emotional thrill ride as the doctors forge new relationships and get inspired by topical events while dealing with the chaotic environment of the emergency room. This article will reveal how anyone can watch the series outside US with the help of a VPN/SmartDNS service.

Where to Watch Chicago Med?

As well as watching the series on the NBC channel, you can also stream the series online via the following link.

Regrettably, the above link doesn’t work outside United States. Since NBC has tied up with many overseas content providers to distribute the series abroad, overseas viewers cannot stream the series through any medium. In fact, when you click on the above link from outside US, you will see the following error message:


Just like other content providers, NBC relies on IP addresses of viewers to determine their location. If the IP happens to be from United States, the viewer is allowed to watch the episodes of Chicago Med. However, if the IP happens to be from any other location, the viewer is immediately redirected to the “Content Unavailable” page which shows the above error message. Since even American expats and tourists have non-US IP addresses while touring abroad, even they are barred from watching the episodes of Chicago Med (as well as other NBC shows).

How To Watch Chicago Med From Any Location?

If you are interested in watching medical dramas like Chicago Med from an overseas location then you must ensure that NBC cannot see your real (non-US) IP address. One of the easiest ways to mask IP and get a US IP address from anywhere is to subscribe to a VPN/SmartDNS service. VPNs are advanced IP changing solutions which can help you to remain anonymous online while SmartDNS services are specifically meant for unblocking web-based streaming services. Here are the steps needed to unblock Chicago Med from outside United States:

Step 1) As you might have already guessed, the first step involves subscribing to an IP/DNS changing service. Here are some great VPN/SmartDNS services that can help you to unblock NBC from anywhere:

Step 2) Upon successful completion of your order, you will receive setup instructions from your service provider. Most VPN companies now offer their own clients but some services still require manual configuration (especially on mobile devices). The setup process involves changing the default network settings of a computer/mobile device and replacing them with the values supplied by your vendor.

Step 3) Remember to save the changes to finish the setup process. Mobile users would also need to force stop the NBC app and clear the existing cache and cookies before starting the app again.

Step 4) To test the newly installed service, simply click/tap on its icon.

Step 5) The service would perform its magic behind the scenes and will connect to the default VPN server (or the server specified by you). If the default server happens to be outside US then you would get a non-US IP address upon connection. Since you need a US IP address to unlock NBC shows, you must switch to a US server manually before visiting the NBC site.

Step 6) Visit the homepage of Chicago Med once again by using your browser/NBC app. Since your new IP address satisfies all the location related requirements specified by NBC, you can now stream the series without encountering any location/IP related errors.

April 18, 2016

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