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Unblock The Mysteries of Laura From Outside US

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

The Mysteries of Laura is a comedy and police procedural TV show which currently airs on the NBC channel. The series, which premiered in September’ 2014, is an English adaptation of the Spanish TV series Los misterios de Laura. Although the series has received mixed to negative reviews from the critics, NBC has renewed it for a second season. The second season of the show premiered in September’ 2015. We’ll go over how you can watch the show from any location online.

How To Watch The Mysteries of Laura?

NBC telecasts The Mysteries of Laura on Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM. Additionally, the show is available for streaming on laptops and mobile devices through the following link.

The notable thing about the above link is that it works only from within United States. If you are trying to stream the series episodes from any other geographical area, you will come across the following “Content Unavailable” message:


This happens because NBC has restricted the show’s availability only within America. It is worthwhile noting that the channel has partnered with multiple international content providers (CTV in Canada, Nine Network in Australia, TV2 in New Zealand, 5UK in UK and Ireland) for distributing the series in other regions. In return, NBC has signed a content sharing agreement agreeing not to allow viewers from outside USA to stream the series online. The provider relies on IP address of viewers to effectively screen out people who are not based within America. Consequently, even American expats and business travelers are barred from accessing the show online since their local IPs are not able to bypass NBC’s filters.

Is It Possible To Watch The Series From Outside US?

It is indeed possible to stream The Mysteries of Laura from anywhere; you just need to mask your real location while watching the show. This can be done by using advanced IP/DNS switching solutions such as VPNs or SmartDNS services. Here is how you can watch the show from any part of the world:

Step 1) Subscribe to a monthly/half-yearly/annual plan of a trusted service provider. In case you need some guidance, here are some providers that can unlock NBC shows for you:

Step 2) Configure the service on your Smartphone or laptop as per the instructions provided by your vendor. Most providers offer their own pre-configured clients for Windows/Mac operating systems but mobile devices often require manual configuration. The manual configuration is also very easy since it just involves altering the current/default network settings of the device.

Step 3) Once the configuration steps have been carried out, you can save all the changes as well as reboot the machine (if needed). Mobile devices may not require a reboot but you have to ensure that you force stop and then restart the NBC app so that it can use the new network configuration.

Step 4) After the configuration is done, it is time to fire up the VPN/SmartDNS service. The easiest way of doing this is to click on the desktop icon of the service. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Network Connections area once again and start the service from over there.

Step 5) When the connection is established, you are ready to stream On-Demand content. But it is also essential to verify the location of your new IP address otherwise NBC could block you again. It is indeed possible to get a non-US IP address upon initial connection since many providers have their default servers outside United States. In such cases, you would need to look for the closest available US VPN server and use it.

Step 6) Visit the NBC homepage through browse/app and navigate to The Mysteries of Laura homepage again. Since you are now streaming the show with a US IP address, there is no reason for NBC to block you again.

March 15, 2016

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