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Unblock From-Dusk-Till-Dawn: The Series With A VPN

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

From-Dusk-Till-Dawn: The Series is a horror television series conceptualized by the acclaimed director Robert Rodriguez. The series expands the universe created in the 1996 cult film and adds several interesting characters and backstories to the overall story. The first season of the show premiered on Netflix in March’ 2014 while the second season (consisting of 10 episodes) made its debut in August’ 2015.

What To Expect From From-Dusk-Till-Dawn TV Series?

The story of From-Dusk-Till-Dawn revolves around the Gecko Brothers (Richie and Seth), Santanico Pandemonium and the Fuller family. When a bank robbery carried out by the Gecko brothers leaves several people dead, they head to the Mexico border with the FBI and a Texan Ranger in close pursuit. While fleeing from the law enforcement, the brothers encounter the Fuller family and happen to visit a strip club inhabited by vampires. Can the Gecko brothers fight the supernatural creatures and survive till dawn?

How To Watch From-Dusk-Till-Dawn?

From-Dusk-Till-Dawn is available for streaming at Netflix 

As you might be aware, Netflix is available only to American viewers. So when you try to visit the above page from a non-US territory, you will come face to face with the “Sorry,-Netflix-is-not-available-in-your-country-yet” message instead of the show’s homepage. Such types of geographical restrictions are used by almost all On-Demand streaming services to honor content sharing agreements as well as prevent piracy. Like other content providers, Netflix checks IP address of its visitors and redirects them to the content unavailable page when the IP happens to be from outside US.

How To Bypass Netflix’s Geographical Restrictions And Unlock From-Dusk-Till-Dawn?

If you are an American expat or tourist who is interested in watching the show from your current location then you would need to “virtually reside” in US. This can be done by using IP changing services like VPNs or proxies. In addition, there are several SmartDNS services available that support Netflix streaming. If you want to stream the series episodes at high speeds then I would recommend staying away from proxies. That’s because, proxies are easier to block plus they are not capable of delivering high speeds needed to stream HD shows like From-Dusk-Till-Dawn. Follow the steps given below to unlock the show from any location in the world:

Step 1) Subscribe to a fast and reliable VPN service provider which has deployed VPN servers in United States. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a VPN or SmartDNS service which supports Netflix streaming.

 ExpressVPNHideMyAssIPVanishVyprVPN, proXPNOverplayStrongVPN, PureVPNPrivate Internet AccessVPNSecureVPN.ac, and Unblock-US

Step 2) Check whether your provider offers a pre-configured VPN or SmartDNS client. If this happens to be the case then you just need to install the software on your computer or mobile device in order to set up the service. Otherwise, you will have to modify network settings of your device to make it Netflix ready.

Step 3) Save the changes and reboot the machine if required. For Smartphones and tablets, it is usually sufficient to save the modified settings as well as restart the Netflix app.

Step 4) Once the configuration is complete, you are ready to test the service. Initiate the VPN connection by clicking on its icon.

Step 5) When a connection is made with the VPN server, the connection is complete and you would be assigned a new IP address. However, you may have to switch to a US VPN server if the default server of your service provider is located elsewhere (Note – This step is not needed if you configured the connection manually since you would have already specified a US VPN server in the connection settings).

Step 6) Open the From-Dusk-Till-Dawn homepage by visiting the above link once again. If you followed the above steps correctly, you should be able to stream the series episodes without encountering any issues. However, if you still come across the content unavailable message, flush the previous network settings by closing and restarting the Netflix app.

November 17, 2015

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