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Unblock Extant TV Series From Outside US

Saturday, December 12th, 2015

Extant is a science fiction and mystery drama TV series which made its debut on CBS in July’ 2014. The series boasts of an A-list cast (including Hale Berry) and excellent production values and is backed by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Production. The success of the first season of the show prompted CBS to renew the series for a second season which premiered on 1st July’ 2015.

What To Expect From Extant Season 2?

The second season of Extant picks up six months after the events of the first season. The first season focused on Molly Woods (played by Hale Berry) who returns home pregnant with an alien-human hybrid after spending 13 months alone in outer space. The second season showcases the threat posed by alien hybrids and how Molly and her colleagues try to eradicate it.

How To Stream Extant Episodes Online?

The full episodes of season 1 and season 2 of the series are available for streaming through the following link:

Unfortunately, the online streaming option is available only to American viewers due to licensing agreements signed by CBS. When you try to stream the episodes from outside US (with a non-American IP address), you would automatically get redirected to a page which shows the following error message:


How To Unblock Extant From Anywhere?

If you are an American expat who would like to stream season 2 (or even season 1) of Extant from your current location, you must use an IP or DNS changing solution in order to hide your real location from CBS. There are plenty of affordable VPN and SmartDNS services available that can help you to unlock CBS shows (including Extant) from any corner of the planet. Here are the basic steps involved in unlocking the show from abroad:

Step 1) Sign up with a reliable VPN or SmartDNS service provider. If you have no idea about how to proceed ahead, here are some great service providers that can help you to unlock CBS shows:

Step 2) Follow the guidelines supplied by your service provider to set up the service on a computer or mobile device. The setup process is usually very easy and involves either installing a software or configuring a totally new network connection.

Step 3) Before you connect to the service, you must save the changes. It is also essential to close and restart your browser and the CBS app so that they can use the newly configured network settings.

Step 4) Start the service by clicking on the VPN icon. For mobile devices, you need to navigate to the Network Settings area and initiate a VPN connection from over there.

Step 5) Once the connection is established successfully, you must check the IP address assigned to you by your service provider. This step is not essential if you configured the service manually since you would have specified a US server address during the setup itself. These days most big VPN companies have spread their network all over the world so you must be absolutely sure that your new IP address is indeed from Untied States before you proceed to the final step.

Step 6) Open the homepage of Extant in your browser or through the CBS app. You should now be able to stream the latest episodes of the series without facing any location or IP related errors.

December 12, 2015

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