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Unblock CWTV’s Beauty And The Beast TV Series From Anywhere

Friday, December 11th, 2015

Beauty And The Beast is a police procedural, science fiction and suspense TV series which airs on CW TV. The series made its debut in 2012 and is loosely based on 1987 TV series of the same name. Although Beauty And The Beast received mostly negative reviews from the critics, it managed to win People’s Choice awards in multiple categories. The series was also renewed for a fourth season ahead of its season 3 premiere.

Beauty And The Beast Storyline

Catherine Chandler (played by Kristin Kreuk) is a NYPD detective who was saved by a beast on the night her mother was murdered. Nine years later, she is in a romantic relationship with Vincent Keller (played by Jay Ryan) who becomes a beast whenever he is angry. Together, Catherine and Vincent must try to lead normal lives while avoiding a shadowy organization which is hunting for them.

How To Watch Beauty And The Beast Online?

Fans of the Beauty And The Beast series can watch full episodes of all the seasons through their website link:

Unfortunately, you can’t stream series episodes if you are outside United States. Due to the content sharing agreements signed between CWTV and its international partners, the channel is not in a position to broadcast the series outside US through any medium. When you try to watch the series episodes from a different location (with a non-American IP address), you would get redirected to a page which simply says:


These geographical barriers are not in the best interests of Americans residing elsewhere (for instance, expats, tourists, students etc.) who find themselves cut-off from their favorite entertainment options for no fault of theirs.

How To Unblock Beauty And The Beast From Anywhere?

If you are a fan of the series and would like to watch its episodes even when you are touring abroad then you need to resort to some technical gimmickry. Since CWTV relies on IP address to determine region, you can use IP or DNS changing solutions to hide your real location from the channel. For streaming CWTV shows at fast speeds and HD quality, you can subscribe either to a VPN or a SmartDNS service. Follow these steps to unlock the show’s episodes from abroad:

Step 1) The very first step is to search for and subscribe to an ultra-fast VPN or SmartDNS which can unlock CWTV shows for you. Here are some highly recommended services from my side:

Step 2) Configure the service on your preferred device by either installing the VPN client supplied by your provider or by modifying the network settings of your computer. Most big VPN companies offer their own VPN softwares so the setup can be done in under 5 minutes.

Step 3) Save all the changes to complete the setup process. Additionally, you must close and restart the CWTV app (if it is running) so that it doesn’t use old network settings or IP address.

Step 4) Connect to the service by either navigating to the network connections area or by clicking on its Desktop icon.

Step 5) Once the connection has been made successfully, it is time to verify the location of your new IP address. This step is not needed for SmartDNS or manually configured VPN services since you would have specified US server address (or DNS settings) during setup itself. Verifying your IP prior to visiting CWTV website would ensure that you won’t have to face location blocks again.

Step 6) Open the CWTV app or browse to the Beauty And The Beast homepage with your browser. Since you now have an American IP address, CWTV would allow you to stream its shows without showing any error message.

December 11, 2015

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