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Unblock Boom! Gameshow From Anywhere

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

Boom! is a brand new gaming show which premiered on Fox in June’ 2015. The series is based on an Israeli game show where participants need to use their wits and general knowledge in order to defuse ticking bombs. Before it was picked up for US adaptation by Fox, the original game show was successfully adapted in several languages for European, Latin American and Russian audiences.

What To Expect From Boom!?

Boom! is a fun and exciting game where three teams (each with 3 members) compete against one another. The objective of the game is to defuse ticking bombs by snipping correct wires (each wire corresponds to an answer option). If a participant fails to answer any question correctly, the bomb explodes and the player is drenched in gooey liquids like jelly, rice pudding or gravy. To make the gameplay more interesting, the size of the bomb as well as the number of answer options increase as the game progresses making it even more difficult for the players to escape unscathed.

How To Watch Boom! Online?

Apart from watching Boom! episodes on TV, it is also possible to stream them through this link.

Unfortunately, the above link works only for US viewers. When someone from outside United States try to stream Boom! episodes by clicking on the above link, he/she will see the following message:


Since the Boom! series has seen several international adaptations, Fox is not permitted to broadcast the US version of the show in those territories. Fox checks IP addresses of all visitors in order to determine their location and allows only visitors with US IPs to access the show’s episodes. This of course means that American expats and tourists would not be able to stream the show because their IP addresses won’t be able to bypass Fox’s filters.

How To Stream Boom! From Outside US?

If you are a fan of TV game shows and wish to watch all the episodes of Boom! from a non-US location then you must either use a IP changing solution like a VPN to get a US IP address or a SmartDNS service to change your DNS settings. While cheaper solutions like proxies also allow you to change your IP address, I recommend staying away from them since they can easily be blocked by providers like Fox. Follow the steps mentioned below to unlock the series from your current location:

Step 1) Subscribe to a renowned VPN or SmartDNS service. Here are some recommended vendors which allow you to unlock Fox shows from any location:

Step 2) In case your provider offers a pre-configured VPN or SmartDNS client, install it on your preferred device. However, you may have to set up the service manually since not all providers supply installable software. The manual configuration is pretty easy as well and involves creating a new network connection and inputting values provided by your service provider.

Step 3) Finish the setup process by saving all the changes. Additionally, you may have to restart your machine or at the very least, close and restart the Fox app on your mobile device.

Step 4) Click on the VPN option in the Start menu (or its desktop icon) to start the service. If you configured the service manually then you need to navigate to the Network Settings area in order to initiate a connection with the default VPN server.

Step 5) As soon as the connection is successful, you are ready to stream content online. However, it is also vital to check the location of your new IP address in order to stream content from US. In case the default VPN server of your provider is located outside US, you would still see “Content Unavailable” message even after connecting to the VPN service. In such cases, you must choose a US server manually before trying to stream content from the Fox website.

Step 6) Visit the above link or open the homepage of Boom! with the Fox app. Since you have already chosen a US server and clear the old Network settings by closing and restarting Fox app, you should be able to watch the latest episodes of the show without encountering any location related errors.

December 15, 2015

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