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Tunnelr VPN Review – Extreme Security And Privacy

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Tunnelr VPN is operated by Cloudsy.com LLC, which is a US based company. Founded in 2010, the service is brought to you by the same team that created devio.us which has become one of the biggest providers of free OpenBSD shells. In the Tunnelr VPN Review below, we check the pros and cons of Tunnelr VPN service and decide whether it is worth subscribing.

Server Locations and Site Access

Tunnelr has VPN servers in 6 different countries – United States (6 cities), United Kingdom (2 cities), Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. Having a Tunnelr VPN account would allow you to unlock GEOIP restricted sites from these 6 countries as well as bypass censorship imposed by countries and organizations. For instance, you would be able to unlock Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Twitter from China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar or from behind your company’s firewalls and services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ABC, Pandora, HBO, MTV, Eurosport, Spotify, CBS, Amazon Prime videos, Netflix, NBC, Fox, NFL, iTV and Vudu from all over the world.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Tunnelr does not impose speed or bandwidth caps for its VPN plans. The company’s servers support at least 100Mbit connectivity so you can indulge in your favorite online activities like streaming movies/TV shows, downloading huge data files and making VOIP calls without facing throttling issues. The company consistently monitors its server network to prevent over-utilization and abuse so you can expect to get high speeds even during peak hours and almost 100% uptime.

Privacy Settings

Tunnelr provides unparallel protection through its VPN network. The company delivers its VPN service through OpenVPN and PPTP protocols which are considered extremely secure for protecting FTP, messaging, emailing, VOIP and browsing activities. For more demanding customers, the company also offers SSH based VPN tunnel that is often cited as the most secure privacy solution currently available. So once you connect to Tunnelr network, you can san stop worrying about security of your passwords, credit card information, bank accounts and social accounts even if you connect to the internet from low security Wi-Fi hotspots (common at public parks, airports, malls, coffee shops and libraries).

Tunnelr has a lightweight logging policy which means your online activities are not subjected to any monitoring or surveillance. The company logs usage and bandwidth details for a period of 24 hours but it does not hand over this data to third parties.

Supported Operating Systems

Tunnelr VPN works well with most devices and operating systems including Windows/Mac/Linux based desktops, iOS based devices (iPads and iPhones), Android Smartphones and tablets as well as DD-WRT routers. For combo VPN plan subscribers, the company allows more than one simultaneous connection from different devices. The setup is fast and easy and even people who have no experience in using a VPN service should be able to configure this service within no time. In case you are not able to set up the service for some reason, just refer to detailed installation guidelines that are available on the company’s official site. The company has blocked SMTP port 25 to prevent email spamming so you won’t be able to send messages through clients like Outlook and Thunderbird.

Customer Support

The company offers support through ticket based support system. Every customer can track the progress and response through ticket number and they can even access the archive of their previous support tickets.

Pricing Options

Tunnelr VPN offers 4 different plans – Unlimited PPTP tunneling for $7/month, Unlimited OpenVPN tunneling for $7/month, Unlimited OpenSSH tunneling for $5/month and Unlimited OpenSSH+OpenVPN+PPTP tunneling for $10/month. The PPTP and OpenVPN plans are ideal for mobile and desktops subscribers whereas the combo plan works well for those who want flexibility and extra security. The company offers a 48 hour free trial with 25 MB bandwidth which should be enough to test the speed and connectivity provided by the service.

Final Verdict

On the whole, Tunnelr scores well on most VPN parameters. While the company may not have servers in too many countries, it offers best speeds and unmatched security to its customers. So if you are looking for a professional VPN service that has the backing of an experienced security team, look no further than Tunnelr VPN. For more information, please visit: www.tunnelr.com.

June 6, 2013

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