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TrafficPrivacy Review – Anonymize Your Bittorrenting Sessions

Monday, September 14th, 2015

TrafficPrivacy is a bittorrenting anonymity solution being used by more than 10,000 users from around the world. The service was launched by UK based Bonton Limited and is backed by the same team which created TorrentPrivacy proxy/VPN service. This TrafficPrivacy review will reveal what TrafficPrivacy has to offer and whether or not it is worth using.


Even though TrafficPrivacy is a privacy service, it doesn’t work in the same way as other VPN solutions. The biggest difference between this service and other privacy solutions is that TrafficPrivacy was designed to work only with bittorrenting traffic. So while the company has got servers in United States and Europe, the service cannot be used to unblock On-Demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or BBC iPlayer or to access sites and services like Facebook, Skype or YouTube that may have been blocked by ISPs or network administrators. But as far as anonymizing torrenting activities is concerned, the company doesn’t spare any effort to deliver a truly fast and secure solution.

Speed & Bandwidth

TrafficPrivacy doesn’t limit connection speeds or bandwidth for its customers. Since torrenting is a resource intensive activity which requires access to fast servers and near unlimited bandwidth, not many VPN service providers can deliver a fast anonymity solution that supports torrenting. By deciding to focus on securing just P2P traffic and investing in top-notch infrastructure, TrafficPrivacy is well-positioned to deliver an ultra-fast service that can help you to share and download unlimited amount of content without experiencing lags, delays or downtimes.

Privacy Settings

TrafficPrivacy creates a secure, encrypted SSH tunnel via its proprietary bittorrenting client that is specifically designed to secure P2P sessions. What’s more, the company provides a special proxy for most popular trackers so even if they are inspected, your real IP address is never leaked to law enforcement authorities or copyright owners. The provider doesn’t store any types of logs plus it uses sophisticated algorithms that can help you to anonymize your bittorrenting sessions even if you are on less secure public Wi-Fi networks. For providing total anonymity, the company doesn’t even store connection logs that can be traced back to individual customers.

Supported Operating Systems

TrafficPrivacy has created its own bittorrenting client so the service cannot be used with other bittorrenting clients like uTorrent or Vuze. While this may seem like a disadvantage, the provider insists that this is the only way to deliver 100% anonymity and privacy to all customers. As of now, the client works only on Windows platforms although the company is planning to release a Mac version very soon.

TrafficPrivacy supports magnet links, DHT networks as well as UDP, HTTP and peer exchange protocols. The client provided by the company is pre-configured so you can start using it without having to perform any complicated setup operation. The great thing about the client is that it stops all inbound and outbound bittorenting traffic automatically if the service goes down for any reason. And since the service only secures bittorrenting sessions, you can use your internet connection as usual while still getting total anonymity for your P2P activities.

Customer Support

TrafficPrivacy provides 24X7 support via support tickets.

Pricing Options

The service costs $6.90 a month, $18.90 for 3 months, $34.20 for 6 months and $58.80 for a year. Currently there are no free trials available but new customers who are not happy with the quality of the service can ask for a refund within 30 days of joining.

Final Verdict

Overall, TrafficPrivacy delivers a reasonably good service. While the service is not meant for users who wish to secure multiple types of online activities and is somewhat expensive for the features that it offers, it can help you to anonymize your bittorrenting traffic like no other privacy service. So if you are a heavy P2P user who is looking for a fast and reliable solution to secure your torrenting sessions, test drive the TrafficPrivacy service today. For more information, please visit: www.trafficprivacy.com.

September 14, 2015

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