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TorrentPrivacy VPN Review – A Reliable VPN Provider

Friday, February 15th, 2013

TorrentPrivacy is a well-known VPN provider which is especially renowned for its support for P2P activities. Founded in 2007, the service is brought to you by a Seychelles based company which aims to deliver a safe and secure privacy solution to its customers. In this detailed TorrentPrivacy VPN Review, we look at the features offered by the service and check out if it is worth the subscription price.

Choice of Servers

TorrentPrivacy has VPN servers in 3 countries – United States, Sweden and Netherlands. While the company does not have servers in a lot of countries, it does provide an excellent way to unlock sites like Facebook, Gmail, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Hulu, Twitter etc. that may be blocked in your country or organization. The service also allows unlimited server switches at no extra cost.

TorrentPrivacy VPN Speed

TorrentPrivacy does not impose any kind of speed or bandwidth restrictions on its users. This makes it possible to use the service to watch streaming movies, download big files as well as for VOIP activities. The company is famous for its support for peer to peer sharing and it remains one of the best VPN service to secure your privacy while using bittorrent sites.

VPN Privacy

TorrentPrivacy does not keep a log of its users’ online activities. The company has also disabled disk caching on its VPN servers and runs special maintenance scripts to delete temporary and cached data on a regular basis. This ensures that your personal details including your IP address remains safe at all times and you are able to access restricted sites and bypass government firewalls without worrying about getting your private details compromised.

Supported Systems

TorrentPrivacy VPN service supports a variety of devices through OpenVPN and PPTP VPN protocols. This makes it easy to connect to the service from iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones, Windows PC, Mac as well as Linux computers. You are also free to install their client on multiple computers but only one of them can be used at a time. The company also offers a special BitTorrent Anonymizer to secure your privacy while using bittorrent sites. The software connects to the internet via a SSH tunnel that encrypts your peer to peer activities.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through live chat and email based ticket system. The company’s official website also features an online forum and helpful blog, knowledgebase and FAQ sections to help you set up the VPN service and troubleshoot common technical problems with ease.

Pricing Policy

TorrentPrivacy offers unlimited plans for $9.95 a month ($99.95 a year). You can save money on your subscription by using TorrentPrivacy coupons. The company also offers a one week trial for $2.95 which should be enough for anyone who wants to test their service.

Final Verdict

Overall TorrentPrivacy is a decent VPN service provider. While it may not have servers in a lot of countries, it does provide excellent speed and privacy with no monthly limits or caps of any kind. So if you are looking for a reliable VPN provider that provides total security for various online activities including peer to peer sharing, make sure to check out TorrentPrivacy today. For more information, please visit: www.torrentprivacy.com.

February 15, 2013

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