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Title – Unblock The Leftovers From Outside US

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

The Leftovers is a drama, mystery, thriller and fantasy TV series which currently airs on the HBO channel. The series is based on Tom Perrotta’s novel and was adapted for the TV by Perrotta along with Damon Lindelof.
The story of The Leftovers is set three years after a sudden global event (known as “Sudden Departure”) that caused the disappearance of 2% of the world’s population (over 140 million people) in an instant. While the event did not spare any city or county, a small town in Texas witnessed zero disappearances. The story focuses on two families – the Garveys who have moved to the town after the cataclysmic event and a local family, the Murphys. Having made its debut in June’ 2014, the show was well received by the critics and audiences alike. Following the success of season 1, HBO renewed the show for its second season which premiered in October’ 2015.  In this article, we’ll go over how you can watch or unlock The Leftovers from outside the US or anywhere.

Where Can I Watch The Leftovers?

As well as watching the series on TV (on Sunday nights at 9 PM), you also have the option of streaming the series via HBO Now and HBO Go. Here is the official HBO link for streaming the series.

The tragic news is that the above link works only within American territories. Should you try to stream the show from a non-US territory, you will come across the following messages on HBO Go and HBO Now:

HBO GO – “To-access-HBO-Go, you-must-reside-within the-fifty-states-of the-United-States-of-America”.

HBO Now – “HBO-NOW-is-only-accessible in-the-U.S.-and-certain U.S.-territories-where-a high-speed broadband-connection-is-available.”

The reasons for such geographical restrictions are plain and clear. Content creators like HBO often tie-up with international TV channels to distribute their shows abroad. The content sharing agreements signed between these providers clearly spell out the dos and don’ts regarding the telecast of shows such as The Leftovers. Often, these agreements restrict original content creators (such as HBO) from telecasting their shows outside America through any means (which includes online streaming). The really sad part is that even American expats and business flyers are bound by these rules and as a result, they are not able to stream their favorite shows from abroad.

How To Watch The Leftovers From All Locations?

Before you learn how to unblock HBO shows from abroad, you need to learn more about GEO-IP blocking itself. Content providers often rely on IP addresses (which is nothing but a random series of numbers assigned to each connected device by the local ISP) to determine the location of their viewers. Once you are abroad, your computer’s or mobile device’s IP address would no longer be from United States and as a result, HBO can quickly identify your location and prevent you from watching its shows. Since IP address is such a vital piece of the puzzle, you need to get rid of local IP and switch to an American IP address. This can be done by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or SmartDNS service as follows:

Step 1) Subscribe to a fast and reliable VPN/SmartDNS service which can unblock HBO Go and HBO Now. Here are some really good service providers in the market:

Step 2) Check the setup options available for the service. A lot of service providers offer customized VPN or SmartDNS clients but for others, you would need to configure the service on a manual basis. The steps involved in manual configuration are pretty easy and require changing the default network settings of a computer or mobile device.

Step 3) Save the changes that you did in the previous step and reboot your machine. Additionally, remember to close and restart the HBO app.

Step 4) Once the configuration is complete, you can test the service either by clicking on its desktop icon or by invoking it from the Network Connections area of your device.

Step 5) When the connection is established, your local IP will change automatically. Before you visit HBO’s site, you must double-check the location of your new IP. Many service providers have placed their default VPN servers outside US so you won’t get an American IP upon connection. In such cases, you must switch to a US VPN server manually and use it for unlocking American On-Demand sites.

Step 6) Open your favorite browser (or the HBO app) and visit The Leftovers homepage again. Since your new IP address satisfies all the requirements laid down by HBO, you won’t have a problem in streaming HBO shows henceforth.

March 19, 2016

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