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Time Warner’s Six Strikes Program And What It Means For Users

Monday, August 5th, 2013

After a series of delays, the Six Strikes program was finally rolled out in February 2013. Officially known as the Copyright Alert System (CAS), the system is a major step towards clamping down on online piracy. The system is also remarkable since it represents an unheard of level of cooperation between copyright holders and Internet Service Providers. The primary aim of the system is to bring down online piracy levels by identifying users who share copyrighted material. The system is designed to send warning messages to users indulging in peer to peer sharing and torrenting and even taking further steps if the users do no stop their file sharing activities.

Time Warner Six Strikes Program

While the basic framework of the CAS system is the same, the implementation varies from ISP to ISP. Since each Internet Service Provider is free to implement the Six Strikes program in its own way, individual ISPs have rolled out their own way of dealing with file sharers. As far as Time Warner is concerned, the company has decided not to throttle speed or terminate the internet connection of users who are found sharing copyrighted material. However the company will send alerts for each copyright violation and it they are ignored, users will experience a browser lock until they call Time Warner representatives. During the call, the officials from the company will educate users about the dangers of sharing content online and how to download content legally.

How To Beat Time Warner’s Six Strikes Program

As you can imagine, the Six Strikes programs is designed to cause significant disruptions in internet connectivity for those who indulge in file sharing activities. That’s why you need to take preventive actions to beat Time Warner’s implementation of the CAS system. Here are easy methods to escape the monitoring from the company:

Virtual Private Network

Virtual private networks have been around for many years and they have become indispensable for many corporations and individuals. Using a VPN is also a great way to circumvent the Six Strikes program without revealing your personal details. When you connect to a VPN, your entire traffic stream gets encrypted by the VPN provider and it cannot be breached by any means. That makes it impossible for anyone, even Time Warner, to monitor your activities and decipher whether or not you are indulging in file sharing. A VPN works with every application that connects to the internet and does not cause any speed loss so you can carry out your usual online activities without worrying about disruptions or warning messages from Time Warner.

Proxy Server

Proxy servers are designed to provide privacy and anonymity on the internet. A proxy server acts like a middleman between web users and the sites that they wish to connect. This makes it possible to use them for bypassing monitoring from your ISP. However you also need to know that proxy servers are poor cousins of VPNs as far as online privacy is concerned so they many not protect your personal details at all times.


By far, using a VPN is the best way to beat Time Warner Six Strikes Program. If you are looking for a reliable VPN to beat the CAS system, check out the VPN plans from VyprVPNHideMyAss,  PureVPN,  IPVanish  and StrongVPN . These providers are renowned for their affordable VPN plans that allow users to bypass all kinds of monitoring and censorship on the internet.

August 5, 2013

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