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Survey Finds 40% Businesses In UK Hit By Mobile Security Breach

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

As per the statistics released by the BT Group, over 40% businesses located in United Kingdom have experienced mobile based security breaches during the last one year. The British telecom giant conducted a poll among 640 large global organizations and found that a large number of them have suffered security attacks through mobile devices sanctioned for official work. This is indeed a worrying trend since a large number of organizations are moving to mobile ecosystems and encouraging the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) style of working.

While publishing the results of the poll, BT warned that a lot of organizations are simply not aware of the dangers posed by the mobile devices and a majority of them are not even taking the mobile threat seriously. BT also noticed a disturbing trend and revealed that more and more criminals, hacktivists and even state sponsored attackers are now using mobile devices to carry out their nefarious activities. Since many companies now allow the user of personal mobile devices for official work, it has become extremely easy for criminals to gain access to corporate data or enterprise secrets through hacked or stolen devices or apps.

In its report, BT also revealed an interesting statistic regarding the use of BYOD style of working in the corporate landscape. As per the organization, as many as 95 percent of British companies now allow the use of personal devices for official work. The company also discovered that while one-third of mobile devices (personal or company issued) had unrestricted access to corporate networks or sensitive information, almost a similar percentage of organizations did not have a well-defined mobile security policy in place. This clearly shows that while mobile devices have contributed to increased productivity and made the lives of employees a lot more convenient, they are also turning into a single point of failure as far as corporate security is concerned.

BT also had a word about the type of security threats facing organizations and businesses. The company revealed that these days attackers can not only exploit weaknesses present in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, messaging services and other forms of mobile communications, they can also take advantage of vulnerabilities present in operating systems, apps and softwares (including web browsers) or inject spywares and malwares into corporate networks through fake or cloned apps. And since a lot of companies have not enforced any kind of mobile security policy, it has become a lot easier for hackers and attackers to target corporates and businesses through Smartphones and tablets.

The poll also revealed that more than four-fifths of organizations contacted by BT had insufficient resources to deal with mobile security threats. The company also discovered while there are several security measures available for the protection of mobile devices, as many as 10 percent of the companies had not enforced even basic security measures like password protection of devices. Stressing that organizations should think about security right from the start rather than adding it as an afterthought, BT explained that this will ensure that security processes will keep pace with the growth of the organization.

February 1, 2015

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