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SpiceVPN Review – Top Grade Security

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

SpiceVPN is a leading provider of VPN and proxy solutions. Founded in 2009, the service is brought to you by a Dutch company. The company offers a range of VPN plans to serve those who value their online privacy. In this in-depth SpiceVPN Review, we list down the features available with the service and decide whether it is worth the subscription money.

Server Locations and Site Access

SpiceVPN has VPN servers in 9 different countries – United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Moldova, Sweden, Netherlands, France and Ukraine. While the company doesn’t have servers in Canada and Asia, it does offer a good choice of American and European IP addresses. This makes it easy to change your IP address and gain access to location restricted sites like Hulu, Rara, Netflix, ABC Player, Spotify, HBO On Demand, Eurosport, CBS, BBC iPlayer, NFL, iTV, Vudu, Amazon Prime, Demand 5, MTV and Xfinity even if you are travelling. Plus the service offers an excellent way to bypass censorship from China, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Brazil and access your favorite sites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube and Blogger. Due to the server switching policy implemented by SpiceVPN, it is possible to change servers at any time and access local content from all the 9 countries where the company has its VPN servers.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

SpiceVPN offers both metered and unmetered plans to its subscribers. Irrespective of the plan that you choose, you will get high speeds since the company doesn’t throttle speed or impose any kind of speed limits. The unmetered plans offered by the company are ideal for downloading huge files, streaming HD content, VOIP and online gaming while the metered plans are suitable for low bandwidth activities like browsing, emailing, messaging etc.

Privacy Settings

SpiceVPN offers full anonymity through OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. The OpenVPN protocol is considered very secure but it doesn’t work with mobile devices. On the other hand, PPTP protocol offers great compatibility with all kinds of devices but it is considered as the least secure VPN protocol. The company even offers a Double VPN plan to provide unrivaled privacy since it works by passing your internet traffic through two separate layers of VPN servers. The high security available makes it possible to secure sensitive data such as passwords, credit card numbers, bank login details and social accounts even from low security wireless hotspots. Plus the service secures all online activities like FTP, messaging, emailing and VOIP in addition to browsing.

SpiceVPN does not keep logs for online activities of its users. This offers total privacy and anonymity while shielding your IP address and personal details from higher authorities.

Supported Operating Systems

SpiceVPN offers an OpenVPN client for Windows operating system. In addition, the service is compatible with Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android (Smartphones and tablets). The setup is easy for most devices and it should not take more than couple of minutes for setting up the service on a device of your choice. Even though the company provides detailed setup instructions for most operating systems and devices, the configuration instructions for Android and Linux are not yet available. On a positive note, the company offers a free Jabber account on their own Jabber server with every subscription.

Customer Support

The company offers customer support through email, Skype and ICQ. Even though the company claims to offer live support, it doesn’t seem to be working. In this scenario, it is best to contact the support staff through email for getting quick answers to your support queries.

Pricing Options

SpiceVPN offers shared and dedicated IP plans to its customers. The fixed bandwidth (400 MB daily) shared IP plans start from $10 a month whereas the unmetered shared IP plans start from $20 per month. The double VPN shared IP plans start from $20 (for fixed bandwidth) and $40 (for unlimited bandwidth). The dedicated IP plans are available for $15 a month (fixed bandwidth) and $25 a month (unlimited bandwidth). The company also offers fixed time VPN and double VPN plans that start from 25 cents per hour. The company does not offer a free trial so it is best to subscribe to one hour VPN plans to test the speed and connectivity offered by the service.

Final Verdict

Overall, SpiceVPN delivers an above average service. While the company has some support issues, it offers excellent security and a wealth of plans that makes its VPN service affordable to everyone. So if you are looking for a high security affordable VPN plan, check the offers from SpiceVPN. For more information, please visit: www.spicevpn.com.

July 4, 2013

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